The big reveal?? Did Santa empty his sack for you?



Before I turn in for the evening, after what often feels like the longest day of the year, im just checking in for a final #secretsanta post of 2023....

This is the part of experience that I dread!! Its not the hoping a few of you will still take pitty on this old fart and participate. Its not the drawing of the names and hoping I havent missed anybody. Its not the sifting and sorting through delivery address, making sure we all have the right addresses to send to. Its not even the massive head-fuck of bouncing messages between members about postage, customs and/or hold-up..... Nope, its none of that, in fact I love doing all that for this amazing community. It gives me purpose and I feel thats its the least I can facilitate for you amazing folks.

The worst part by far, is somehow the feeling I get in the pit of my stomach, when presents dont turn up on time! I know youre all saying - "Welshie, this isnt your fault", but as the go-to man in the middle, I take the responsibility of making sure all you lot taking part get your community gifts....


So for those of you that have recieved your SecretSanta gift, shout it from the roof tops!! Post it, blog it, drop it in the #silvergoldstackers community with the hashtag #secretsanta and let your mystery sender know youve got it. Heck, you can even drop a link in the comments below. Ill be tagging all participants in this post, so hopefully theyll see the link here and be able to go check it out.

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If you still havent recieved your secret santa gift, please DM me, and if you haven't recieved it by the end of the week please follow it up with me, and ill let your secret sender know so that they can chasen it up for you.

This leads me on to a topic touched on by @buggedout in a similar post, but relating to the #monsterraffle. Link for that post can be found - What with postage costs skyrocketing and should my worst fear of missing gifts never turning up materialise, the burning question(s) still remains; do we carry on with this brilliant tradition and who is responsible should anything go missing??

But dont fear, thats not saying I wont be hosting(if youll still have me) this outstanding, community project next year, but seriously we do need to talk about it openly to see if there are ways to improve the experience for all of us....


Anyways, thats me out for the night! I hope you were all good little boys and girls (only 2 genders) and Santa came and emptied his sack for you last night?

Any problems, do NOT hesitate to reach out to me. We will get this sorted.



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