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These days, I'm trying to run three times per week aiming for Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Last week I ran on all three days and felt really good and I hope to continue the momentum. I felt a bit groggy on Sunday morning, but still made it up and out by around 7:30am and jogged about 5k.
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Checking some stats I was happy to see my heart rate in Zone 2 for most of the run. My goal this week is to spend at least 150 minutes in Zone 2. My average cadence and pace is about the same as my last run on Thursday. This week I'm working on increasing my average strides per minute to above 160 and quicken my pace.

36712F2D-110E-4BA4-8515-4FE24D7FF2F2_1_201_a.jpeg By the end of the day, through some house work, gardening, and daily moving around I logged over 15,000 steps. Looking back, I've hit at least 10,000 steps seven out of the last eight days. Stacking good habits.

I took these photos on Sunday, January 28 with an iPhone SE (second generation)

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