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Consider this as a sort of Overall Vibes Winners' Newsletter, which helps to keep the judging process transparent and fair. Everyone can use and access this compiled information, which also helps everyone to vote more intelligently and responsibly.I will post it always before the Top 10 List is shared to the Community for the Community Voting process, and this is all before each Week's Winners Announcements is shared on the weekly Spaces on once the Community Voting has ended and the votes are calculated and applied to the Final Top 6 Winner's List for each completed Week. Just want to give a shout out recognition of praise, respect and acknowledgement to my Vibes Team Members @lordbutterfly who is the Founder of the Vibes Web3 Music Competition. He organizes and does a lot of the ground work, behind the scenes developments, marketing campaigns, and an overall overview and expansion of the Vibes Web3 Music Competition and @silentscreamer, aka Marica, who is also Co-Founder and an Official Vibes Judge, an extremely gifted singer and master violinist, previous 1st place winner of the Steemit Open Mic Contest and now, current Host of the X Spaces for the Vibes Weekly Winner's Announcement with me. You both are awesome and amazing!So to continue...Not only will this list Highlight the Best of the Best from our Music Community within the Hive, but it will also grant full transparency in one place for us Judges and the Community alike to be able to quicken and enhance the efficiency and fairness of the voting and judging process when deciding the winners together for the future weeks. Now anything can happen :)The List, in non-alphabetical order, provides to the community WHO has won the Vibes Web3 Music Competition so far, WHICH places they have won, and HOW MANY times they have won each placement for their performances.***In the VIBES Competition, everyone is indeed a Win

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Technology is a choice. Technologies gives options. Apple devices has been one of my main choices for a while. While I still use non-Apple computers, phones, and other devices, my preference has been Apple. There are a list of good reasons to buy Apple products. One of them is that they are quality products that last for a long time and get the job done. More important reason for me has been the integration of all devices, and how well they work with each other. How easy it is to go from mobile to laptop, or to desktop and continue with the same flow of work or activities. They have been Apple secret in successful retention of their customer base. We probably could make a similar observation for other companies and products as well. Some products are actually even better than of what Apple offers. Apple may have been the pioneer in interrogation of devices and brining continuity to how we use these tools, they have been lagging in some areas. Cloud is one the big innovation in computing. Apple has done ok with iCloud, and it works ok. But in recent years I have been use Microsoft's OneDrive more, a lot more than I would normally use iCloud. OneDrive makes access to all files and data so much simpler, and I use it on Apple devices as well. I doubt I would be doing same with iCloud anytime soon. Today's topic is iPhone Mirroring. Apple has announced that they are brining iPhone Mirroring to Mac computers with the next iteration of MacOS, Sequoia. This may seem a very simple feature, and should have probably been already in Mac computers many years ago. For some unknown reason Apple never thought of it as a useful feature, or even if considered never though to make one happen. There may be other issues like keeping apps for multiple platforms and not letting users use iOS apps on macs. I don't know why they have never done this before. What I know though is that this feature was already possible long time ago. I have seen iPhone being mirrored to a mac and being controlled on mac years ago. However this was on a jailbroken iPhone device. I don't jailbreak my iPhone, so never actually was able to have this feature. I really wanted this feature in the past. It just makes sense. When we are on