My dear and beloved Hivians and especially my HiveFam - my friends and people who support my activity here, I wanna send you all warmth of my heart and wish you Merry Christmas this day!

In my country this holiday will come only in 2 weeks because of calendar pecularities and historical changes in it, but it doesn't matter:) I have 2 Christmas holidays in my life during these 6 years on Steemit and Hive;)

Here most people celebrate it on the 25th of December, and I congratulate my Hivefam during these 6 years, thats's why it has become my holiday as well;))

Today's morning began with my Hive Sister's congratulations with Christmas - my Nainaz @nainaztengra wrote me and send me a nice picture:) So yeah, it's definetely my holiday too:))

I wanna wish my HiveFam to have a great holiday that will be the beginning of a new great year! Let's be sure that the worst times are in the past, and the next year will bring us only Light and Love. I do believe in it!

I send my best wishes to all my Hivian friends @canadian-coconut @missdeli @cmplxty @valued-customer @ruffatotmeee

and this day is really special! Just look what a magical moment I caught with my cam It was an after-rain moment, drops on a tree, and light flying through drops creating a magical circle.... I was sticked to this picture and share it with you!

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