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Wow, it's Christmas day, and it's now so quiet from the time I woke up in the morning. It's now a quarter to eleven in the evening, so my day is almost over. 🙌 I'd say I'm happy to have survived such a peaceful celebration of the day. What a welcome change that no merchant sellers and couriers who pick up their wares are to be found near my flat. Now I'm wishing for more holidays like this. 😂 Too bad it will be back to work in the morning. Such a short-lived enjoyment indeed. 🙄

Alive Chat Monday : Plan Out Your New Week - And Follow Your Plan To Success

I've been meaning to keep my 'plans for the week' list as simple as I can. I mostly do the same things every day anyway. There are some exceptions from time to time, like when I do break routines once in a while. Sometimes, I get to plan ahead. Other times, they randomly happen. Anyway, for now, I will break down my plans to these three major categories:

  • ME TIME In my own way, I'm glad to get more of this now. I do have routines and tasks that I have scheduled in a way that they're organized to how and when I want them done. I've become a tickler of sort when it comes to order. 🤣 I'm not sure if that comes with age, but I think that applies to me. 😂 I do make allowances for the unexpected but if I have my way, I'd rather have none of those.

  • MOM DUTIES Alas, even my cleaning and feeding of the kitties and guinea pigs are scheduled. The same goes for my gardening time (mostly just to water the plants). I'm glad to have a garden keeper who comes in once a month to help organize and arrange the small container garden better. Unfortunately, the detailed gardening is not something I could fit into my day to day.

  • HIVE TIME My online time is scheduled as well. Most days I like being able to complete my tasks early and have more than enough time for relaxation. Today I got a bit lazy so this is coming a little later than usual. I was actually feeling sleepy but I've been refraining from taking that nap that's not part of my daily routine. I'm concerned that doing so might disrupt my pattern. 😝 Sounds silly but it is what it is.

Rinse and repeat (Funny that even on holidays my days are pretty much the same except for the no day work part.)

I may need to revise some plans as there are more work holidays happening towards the end of the week up to part of next week. I love work holidays as I get to move around according to my own pace. I have no solid plans yet. Let's see what happens next (a topic for next time).

Onwards to my #LarryIsAlive quest...


Let me recap my quest for today...

LN - daily goal achieved for the challenge 👍 weekly now at 26% -- a bit too early to say if I can complete it by end of the week. Still waiting for updates on the LN site.

CTPX - did my run today of 50 pages. It turned out I got really 🍀 and won a big prize on the raffle. Wow! That is super rare. So I'm thankful 🙏

LL - daily surf and convert done. I've reached the cash out limit but waiting to add a little more as there's the matter of the fees.

TAB - Completed my daily adjusted run on TAB. Hopefully this adds a bit more to traffic of my promoted sites. 😉

FAFY - Since I now have 1.4K reward points, I just did one activity for the challenge. I'll do more when I have more energy. 😝 That's apparently not today.

ITB - Completed five shares today to wrap up my tasks faster. Glad I'm able to be flexible and adjust according to time available.

screenshots from my quest can be found below...



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Yay, it's finally a wrap today! 🙌 Glad to have somehow managed to find that extra boost of energy to finish my post tonight. Time for bed as it's back to work in the morning. Wow, just like that, Christmas 2023 is over. Now, it's time to look forward to the turning of the year. I pray 🙏 that 2024 will be a better year for all. Nighty night from Manila. Do enjoy your Christmas celebration. See you on my next post. Ta-tah! 👋



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