Alt Coin Season is Here | Bitcoin Dominance Break His Big Support


Hi inleo friends.


Now we're going to talk about a very specific topic and this is a special case for all of us because we work on top of the crypto market and we've been seeing some of the bitcoin price that we've seen over the last couple of weeks.

It seems to be trading on top of the currency and if we see one thing here, that thing is going very well for the market because we saw Bitcoin which is 19 thousand to 44 thousand but We didn't see that much money pouring into all the other coins,

For the last three months all the money people were putting into Bitcoin and that's why its dominance became so much and that's why. One thing was evident here that people are trusting only one coin and that is Bitcoin.

There are only two scenarios we see for Bitcoin as its dominance is starting to bottom out and the best part is that we don't see the price going down so it's very good for everyone. The good news is that we will see the money that is in the bottom coins begin to disappear and if Bitcoin stays the way it is, we can safely say that in the next few months, Inside we can give 10 to 15x whatever the rest of the altcoins are.


Here, if we talk about the world's second-ranked coin, we have not seen any special pump within it yet, because all the money that was there seemed to be going to one place and when you Seeing that in the next few time people's interest in the market is getting more and more and every person is ready to put money in the market once again so this is very good thing for those people.

For those who have lost and those who are sitting on top of the sick, we will see that now their time is coming, they are going to get a good profit because three years have passed.

People were worried but they believed in this market and one thing I will say here is that if it closes its candles above about 2400 then we will see it go straight to 2700.

The dollar will be seen falling and in some time when the bull market will come, this time there are chances of its price going up to 7000 and it will happen this time because the bear market which was there has been very long this time and we will see that We are seeing a lot of people's interest in all these things, so those who were wise and bought it at 800 should now take some profit here and the wisdom lies within that.


And here you people are asking a question that what should they do at this time so I would like to say here that first of all before entering this industry a person should complete his research if a person is above without research.

So will never be able to take profit from this market and I have seen such things happening in front of my eyes. I will double my money and go away, but it doesn't happen at all. Even here, you have to put a lot of thought. You have to wait for three or four years, then a person gets profit.

All these things are false. Money doubles so here now I am talking about this coin on which platform we all are working we are seeing that its price is also stagnant for the last few days neither up nor up. It's not going down, so it's a good thing when the coin stands like this and the market is bullish, then we can say that it's definitely going to go up from here and if it goes up from here and its the candle closes above 39 and a half cents so then.

We can say that it will see us fall to 50 cents from easily so the first thing we have to look at is where the candles are closing if we do this. If not, we will always suffer from this market and we are working on this project. It will look higher.


And here now I will talk about two more coins on the platform that I also worked on some time ago, this is a gaming project and the project that he has is working very well on it. Some time we saw that people stopped playing this game completely but now again we see its time passing and now its active users are almost eight million.

So this is a very good sign for this project so this project is called Exy Infinity and they have three coins, but I'm going to talk about two of them, one coin that's up 40 percent, we've seen. So this shows that it can also give us 10 to 15x within the incoming market, its name is AXS.

The second coin is their Ron and this time we will see if this coin is leading the market as it is not yet listed on any major exchange and after some time. We'll see if it's going to be listed on Binance and today we're seeing that whatever coin is listed is going up a lot, people's interest has come back a lot and we've seen that as well. We have seen in the market that the project that can bear the peer market will definitely go up and it is also in its game. It will also appear to go up a lot.

#Bitcoin Dominance:-

Now we are talking about one of the most specific things if we read his chart we will know when bitcoin dominance is coming down and if bitcoin price is standing at a place where it is. The way it's happening now is that this thing is very beneficial in the market, the purpose of it is that people are bringing in new money in the market, because of which the rest of the prices don't go down, and at that time we see.

However, its dominance has broken its main support, so this is a very good sign for those who have invested in the altcoin. They will see every major coin that is very popular and has a good team give 10 to 15x if its dominance continues to go down like this and Bitcoin doesn't go down, all this. Things will happen to us then.


(I have shared my experience with all of you, everyone else should invest in their own research)

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