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Hi Hive friends.The weekend experience topic is [ What do you spend far too much time doing, how does it negatively impact your life and what steps could you take to reduce it? ]Every person gets used to something like this in life, which he does not understand at first, but with the passage of time, things start to be understood. I used to waste time of my life by watching videos on YouTube day and night and I had this habit for a long time and I was doing this for eight to nine hours every day, due to which I was in my life and I was not able to do any other work,I used to watch videos day and night, then the new feature of YouTube came, so I became more interested in the shoots because after every 15 to 30 seconds, a new and interesting story video was uploaded. It was ruining my life so much that I was thinking about it but still working in the same routine every day and I couldn't do any of my other work because of it then I started to know.I thought that because of this habit I would have to suffer a lot. It is also a fact that when a habit is formed, it never ends in a day. We have to make a strategy and reduce this habit over time. That is when it is over and we go back into our life again. Now the way we have seen that people are very addicted to playing games especially I have seen many of my friends. Those who are playing games day and night and have no idea what is happening in the whole world, same thing happened to me, I was watching videos on my mobile all day what is happening at home. Or he used to invite his relatives and he didn't even go there, because of that all the people were getting angry and then slowly I started to fail myself that this habit is not good at all, man.One should use mobile to relax the mind but not for more than a couple of hours then one will never be able to do any physical work in one's life. Because of this one habit, I didn't even want to go out and couldn't create goo

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Hi Hive friends.I have been very fond of cats and animals since the beginning and love them very much and so a year ago I got them from a friend of mine when they were both one month old and the second one was two months old, the cat was one month old and the one called male was two months old, so since then I have had them till today. They are Russian cats. They are beautiful.In the beginning, when she was come, she was very afraid and would not even come near me, but after the passage of time, I have also trained her that now we have to live together, then some time will pass after that. After that she used to sleep with us. Before them we used to get bored at home but since they are now we play with them and pass the time very well. I fight,That's why I have kept these cats for some time now and there is a good news that I will tell you after some time. The year is a few months old and you can see that we have trained her in such a way that now she even eats her own food. At the beginning when she was very fear, she was very small, so we gave her a feeder. used to feed through.In the beginning we made a mistake, we gave them this local outside meat and they got a little sick. We order monthly, there is an online app called Daraz, so through this we order their food and it costs us about six thousand rupees every month and they are also happy because cats like this. They are used to eating soft food. In the beginning, we had more problems because there are many other cats outside our house who roam a