A Merry Christmas to everyone


Merry Christmas to all!

Today, even though I didn't have the day to myself, I ended up organizing Christmas lunch at home. Me, my mother and my brother. Even though there were only a few of us, we made a point of celebrating Christmas Day with a shared meal.

My mother and brother decided to make "aguilho" prawns, sautéed in a frying pan with parsley and coriander, with a tagliatelle pasta in the shape of a nest. It was a simple and delicious lunch. For dessert, I made my famous chocolate mousse (from which I always subtract more than half the amount of sugar, and it's always fantastic!). Ahahah

A day that has unfortunately been celebrated differently since 2012, but which we force ourselves to celebrate, even if sometimes we don't feel like it.

Conversations aside, I didn't have time to go out in the morning, as I had planned yesterday, so I could take some photos to post here. It was a beautiful day today! Despite the cold, not a drop of rain fell, and the sky was practically clear all morning and most of the afternoon.

As today's recurring theme wherever we are is always Christmas, I went to my most recent archive from my birthday vacation and picked out the photos that could be used as inspiration for a Christmas card. In fact, although the short days aren't as cheerful, they do bring a sense of recollection and spending time with those closest to us....

Soon the days will be longer... and the temperatures will be tempered by the promised rains, which we hope will arrive on time. Nobody wants a summer with droughts all over the country, an increased risk of forest fires, and less fodder and food production for livestock.

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Thank you all for the time that you have taken to read my post

I wish you a peaceful night, full of peace and love...

See you tomorrow, my friends!🎄🎅🎁

Bem Hajam🍀

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