The Silver Wishlist Day 8: The Magical Christmas πŸŽ„


I'll have to apologize as the festivities made me to miss a day in ny The Christmas Wishlist Series.

At least a day in my timezone 😏

Last i checked, it's still Christmas in Ukraine and other places so I'm there right now.

I have no proof that I'm there but you have no proof that I'm not πŸ˜‚

Now since I talked about a Hogwarts Christmas Coin last time, it's only expected that I think I bring something more magical today πŸ˜€ So say hello to the..

MERRY CHRISTMAS Silver Coin 1$ Niue 2023


Front (Day)

merry-christmas-silver-coin-1-niue-2023 (1).jpg

Front (Night)

merry-christmas-silver-coin-1-niue-2023 (2).jpg


Now there's something especially magical about this coin. It Changes Faces!! Now this is possible due to a special printing method called Lenticular Printing

This challenge have introduced me to a lot of coin printing methods and terms tbhπŸ˜‚

Lenticular Printing is a special printing method in which when used, the surface printed on creates a visual illusion when tilted. Thus when this coin is viewed stable, we see a charming winter village during the day, with a full landscape of snow and a stunning Christmas tree πŸŽ„, then when tilted our perspective changes to a lovely nighttime paranormal with the glow of the moon and distant stars ✨

Somebody scream MAGIC!!

These aren't the only Christmas visuals of the coin as the rim is sprinkled with snowflakes and it has the words MERRY CHRISTMAS written on the edge, it's truly a coin that celebrates this festive season.



This is a rather very new coin as it just came out this Year, hence it's relatively cheap

cus let's be real, nothing's cheap anymore.

Going currently at $100-$200 a piece. With only a mintage value of 500 pieces, it's expected to sell out fast and the value would rise like dough! So Santa best to get it nowπŸ₯ΊπŸŽ„βœ¨

The silver wishlist initiative was brought on by @silverd510 which is to simply write 12 consecutive posts on different coins one would want for Christmas.


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