The Best of the Week (# 43): Enoki Mushrooms With a RestaurantStyle Taste, Roasted orange and yellow pepper soup, Croquette BBQ


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After an absence of a month, today we publish other edition of the special curatorship, which will complement the MEATLESS MONDAY; that we have called: THE BEST OF THE WEEK. Our intention with this post is to recognize the best of the best of the posts that you, friends of Hivers, share weekly in our Plant Power (Vegan) community, selecting the top three recipes from the previous week; which on this occasion corresponds to the period from Wednesday, May 3; to Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

Each of the selected publications will be reviewed in this curatorship, and in turn, its author will be awarded 0.5 Hive, 50 $foodie token and 50 @ecency points, in order to give him/her a modest recognition for the excellence and quality of his/her work.


Having said all of the above, let's see which recipes are


in this edition

image.png | by @nurfay

As the rainy weather started in her area, @nurfay wanted to make a warm and tasty dish, a delicious soup with enoki mushrooms and vegetables, which is an ideal choice. For her great recipe and beautiful post, she deserves to be part of The Best of the Week!

image.png | by @carolynstahl

As a result of having bought a good amount of beautiful orange and yellow bell peppers, @carolynsthal thought of many ways to cook them, however, on a dark and rainy day, she opted for a delicious soup, where these bell peppers were the protagonists. In a great post, with beautiful photos, she shared with us this delicious recipe that also deserves to be part of The Best of the Week!

image.png | by @aswita

In order to learn more about the various vegan meat options that are available in the market, @aswita bought a vegan meat that he wanted to offer to his family, for which he created a curious recipe in which he combines that vegetable meat with tofu and noodles, to create a delicious snack, rich in protein, fiber and flavor. For her excellent post, beautiful photos, and her interesting recipe, she also deserves to be part of The Best of the Week!


Below is the transfer made to each wallet, as a modest community recognition, to the extraordinary work done by these content creators


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