Needleworkmonday: Making a beautiful igbo buba blouse for my mother


Greetings, my co-needleworker

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to everyone here in this amazing community. How are you celebrating the birth of our dear Jesus Christ? I hope it is full of fun.

I am very happy to share a post with you guys today being Monday. This is my first time being able to share a post today being Monday, which is very special to the community.

Today I am sharing with you guys a beautiful Igbo buba blow to my beautiful mother. I chose to make this for her for my dad's transitional marriage. because she was representing a mother-in-law, therefore her blows need to be special.

This is my first time trying this type of dress. I was wondering if I would be able to make it nice since it is going to be used on an open occasion because all eyes will be on the dress, but the outcome has to be so beautiful to the extent that people ask about who makes it and also request that I make one for them.

Let's look at some simple steps I followed to achieve this beautiful Igbo buba top, but before I proceed, I will love to share with you all the materials I used for the dress.

Materials used

See the picture below.

To proceed, firstly  i started with the front part and the cutting is princess dat, so i folded the material into two, i measured the shoulder and from that Shoulder i come down by 8 inches to have my armhole and  from my armhole i have my burst point measurement from there i have my inner burst measurement and also the full length measurement before i started divided them into four places and i  have the normal measurement that I'm working with so that ot will be easy for me to have the body shape  my beloved friends as you all can see this is the first time that i sew this top, i was like praying that i sould not spoil the cloth because i did not have any remaining material with me, i was even trying to manage the  both lining because i am not a professional I'm still learning on how to sew perfectly so as i finish drafting it i cut it, so this how it looks like.

After that, I did not bother myself to place the front to have the back side; rather, I folded the satin into two and started drafting the back side. I'm using the satin to draft the front and back instead of using the main fabric, just to avoid some errors in cutting. I also drafted the back side and cut.

Im done with the cutting. The next step is to use the satin to cut out the main fabric. I placed it on the main fabric and cut both the front and back, and I also used it to cut the turning lining.

Another step is to cut the breast part and start sewing.

After that, I used the turning lining and turned the front side with the neck line.

I also turn the back side.

After turning the back side, I put the zip

Both front and back

I now join the shoulder and the body together, and I bring out my okansa and elastic, place the elastic on top of the okansa, and sew, and it looks like a gather. After that, I used net and pleat a gathers style also.

But after that, I firstly cut the short sleeve hand and put it before I added the elastic in the middle of the okansa with the net gathers and attached it to the shoulder of the dress to make it look more beautiful.

Hello friend, this top is ready to wear. I hope it looks so beautiful, and I have a lot of experience with it. I'm very sure that next time I will do more than this. Thank you.

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Thank you once again for reading through my post. See you all in my next post.

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