This Christmas really brought happiness to my friend


Hello friends, how are you guys? I hope you all are doing well. Friends, I am @mulik369 from India. Friends, today is 25th December. Today is Christmas Day. Friends, where I live, a friend of mine lives in the building opposite mine. He is a Christian. He invited us to his house today on the occasion of Christmas. We reached his house with the children at six o'clock. Friends, this has been our friendship for fifteen years.


That friend has faced a lot of troubles and problems. And we have supported him a lot. Who never forgets us. Whatever the problem or happiness, he shares it with us. Just as we go to his place during Christmas, he also comes to our house during all the festivals like Ganpati, Diwali, etc. and wishes us well. He has only one girl. And he is also very smart, but his mother is no more. So we treat her like our daughter. We love him very much. She has just completed her engineering college studies and has just joined the job. Friends, when he got the job, his father immediately came to our house to meet us. His eyes were full of tears. Friends, this incident was very different for us. Friends, these were tears of joy.


Now there is happiness in his life, and we are very happy.Today, when we went to his house, he immediately came and hugged me. His father, the chief planner of the church here, was in the church today. It was his daughter. We stayed at his place for two hours. His daughter fed me, my wife, and my children the cake she had made. Her father was going to be late, so we sat for a while and wished him a Merry Christmas before leaving. I also had to attend a meeting of our society. Friends, this is Indian culture. People of all castes and religions live here with great love. Dance with joy at each other's festivals. Here, each person has his own religion, but everyone remains bound by the thread of humanity and love. This is India.Namaste Thanks .

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.



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