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Hello friends, how are you today and hopefully we are all still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.

On this happy occasion I would like to show again some pictures with my Asean friends who I really love. For today I want to show you the pictures I took at the party house. This morning I went to a party in my hometown and when I got there I saw quite extraordinary crowds so I was interested enough to take some pictures at the party location. Then I also helped in organizing party events in my hometown where I currently live. OK, friends, let's look at the pictures that I have prepared.

The first thing I want to show is the picture I took when the bride's party came to the party venue carrying dishes that had been wrapped quite neatly in quite nice colored cloth. Many mothers who come here take the bride to the party house and when they arrive here they will give the dishes they have brought to the groom's party.

Then the second picture that I want to show is a picture of the people in the village where we live who are standing and seeing what they can do to launch activities here. At that time I was standing in a French place that provides various kinds of food dishes for visitors or guests, so I tried to take several pictures of the atmosphere on the side.

Then the third image display that I want to show is a picture of young people in the village or old people carrying out dish washing activities in that place. Because there are quite a lot of guests so there are quite a lot of plates that have to be washed. And I salute the young people here. They are always united in carrying out activities when there are events in the village where we live. The unity of youth and parents in the village is one of the things that we have to consider because to advance a village, of course there must be unity on the part of the youth and also on the part of the parents.

OK, friends, those are some of the pictures that I can show you today and hopefully these pictures can entertain all my friends and make them beautiful pictures for us to look at together. Thank you to all my friends who have given me encouragement and opportunities and see you again later in my next post.

Note, the words I wrote in this article are in Indonesian and I first wrote them in the smartphone notes application section. Then to translate into English I used Google's help.

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