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Born: November 20, 1932 – Died: March 15, 2005

Don Durant, known as the "fastest gun in all the West" and a symbol of the classic American cowboy, was a prominent figure in https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-the-golden-age-of-hollywood of https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-western-film television. Born Donald Allison Durae in Long Beach, California, Durant's upbringing included time spent in Riverside, California, and on a cattle ranch in Elko, Nevada, experiences that undoubtedly shaped his later https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-on-screen persona. His early years were marked by a blend of rural life and early https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-show-business experiences, setting the https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-stage for his future career.

Early Life and Career

Durant's initial step into the limelight was as a https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-radio host in https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-high-school. His diverse early experiences included serving in both the US Naval Reserve and the Army. By 1953, he was touring in plays and singing in https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-las-vegas, showcasing his versatile talents. His https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-career took a significant turn in 1954 when he joined CBS as a bit player and https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-singer, marking his entry into https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-television.

Don Durant's breakthrough https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-role came with the CBS western https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-television-series "Johnny Ringo" in 1959, where he played the titular https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-character-film. This role not only displayed his https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-acting skills but also his real-life skills as an expert shooter and horseman, adding authenticity to his character. Despite the show's cancellation after one season, it left a lasting impact on his career and continued to endear him to fans in syndication.

Beyond acting, Durant was a man of many talents and interests. He was deeply involved in https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-real-estate and financial management, eventually leading him to leave Hollywood. His https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-marriage to Trudy Wroe in 1959 and his role as a https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-family https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-man were integral parts of his life. Known for his kindness, honesty, and warm personality, Durant was not just a https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-star-hollywood on screen but also a highly respected individual in his personal life.

In conclusion, Don Durant's contribution to the https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-entertainment industry, particularly in the Western https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-genre-film, was significant. His portrayal of Johnny Ringo remains a standout performance, and his authentic cowboy persona made him a beloved figure in Hollywood. His journey from radio host to https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-television star and then to a successful businessman reflects the versatility and depth of his character. Durant's legacy in https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-hollywood-film-industry is marked not just by his roles but also by the genuine personality he brought to his work and life.


Year Title Role
1957–1963 Wagon Train (TV Series) Victor Harp | Lucas
1963 Arrest and Trial (TV Series) Lt. Green
1963 Wide Country (TV Series) Jim Bonham
1963 Laramie (TV Series) Gandy Ross
1962 The Virginian (TV Series) Capt. Larry Langhorne
1962 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV Series) Lowe
1962 The Twilight Zone (TV Series) Gregory Walker
1959–1960 Johnny Ringo (TV Series) Johnny Ringo
1958–1959 Trackdown (TV Series) Frank Dooley | Bobby Carlyle
1958–1959 Zane Grey Theatre (TV Series) Johnny Ringo | Vern Mitchell
1959 Rescue 8 (TV Series) Norris Pauson
1959 Richard Diamond, Private Detective (TV Series) Pat Sharkey
1959 Wanted: Dead or Alive (TV Series) Vic Warsaw
1958 Man with a Camera (TV Series) Howard Dorn
1958 Perry Mason (TV Series) Johnny Starr | Gary Marshall
1958 Colgate Theatre (TV Series) Nicky Weston
1958 She Gods of Shark Reef Lee Johnston
1958 The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna (TV Series) Philip Casper
1957 Maverick (TV Series) Jody Collins
1957 Suspicion (TV Series) Billy
1957 General Electric Theater (TV Series) Mark
1957 State Trooper (TV Series) Ronnie Mann
1957 The Silent Service (TV Series) Lt. (jg) Jim Calvert
1956–1957 Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (TV Series) Sam Tanner | Jack Elders | Jack Flynn
1956 The Ray Anthony Show (TV Series) Vocalist
1956 West Point (TV Series) Cadet Stan Colson
1955 The Jack Benny Program (TV Series) Sailor
1955 Battle Cry Marine (uncredited)


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