A millionaire's journey


Hello hivers,

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I doubt if there is anyone who doesn't want to reach that millionaire goal. Even as a child, I had that dream of becoming wealthy so that I can buy whatever I want. I am sure it was same for you reading this. We all envisioned a stress-free life.

I remember one time my mum asked me to wash some clothes as a child. I started crying because it felt like a burden to me. We didn't have washing machine back then so it was indeed a lot of work. Fast forward to today, I won't say I have everything I have always wanted but at least I can humbly boast of some things.

The journey to becoming a millionaire from my little findings are achievable if we can do some things for ourselves. I have read books, attended webinars and even sat with some very successful people to discuss about this and almost all their ideas tends towards some basic principles which i will love to share in this article:

The most important thing is changing your mindset

A wise man once said that "you are what you think"

So if you think like a millionaire, you are definitely on your way to becoming a millionaire. Other things I have learnt so far includes:

Understanding that everything lies in your hands. Manna will not fall from heaven so it all depends solely on you. You have to know what you want and understand everything that it takes to get what you want.

Don't stop trying because even if you fail, it is not a guarantee that you will keep failing. So keep taking those bold steps.

Millionaires keeps learning. My teacher will always say that learning is key. So if you want to go far, don't stop learning. Buy books and read. Attend courses as much as you can. Ask professionals questions related to your business.

One thing I have noticed is that people tend to run away from courses because of the money involved. But for me, I think that value is more profitable than cost.

Have full control of your mind. If you can control your mind, then you have unlocked the gate of being a millionaire. Sometimes we want to push, but our minds tells us that it won't work or that people will laugh at us when we fail.

I have been in this position a million times and I can say for sure that when you have full control of your mind, you will succeed in anything you decide to do.

No one is stopping you. Take that step and free your mind from all pessimism.

Thank you for reading.


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