Their Great Day at The Escape Room!


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The day they had been waiting for arrived!

My son had been wanting to try out Escape Room and he had set appointment with his Uncle to make it happen during school holiday. It was school holiday two weeks! True enough, my son and his friends, his Uncle (my brother) and the wife, and my husband went to Escape Room. It was situated at Berjaya Times Square!!!

The Room They Chose

My son was asked to choose the type of room for them to finish the mission. He was torn between 'Art Thieves' and 'Amazon Forest'. After discussing with his Uncle, they decided on Art Thieves because Amazon Forest is the most difficult among all rooms. Since it was their first experience, let's choose a less difficult one.

The mission of Art Thieves is as follow, taken from their website

You decided to go to an Art Museum where it holds collections of priceless paintings until you stumbled upon this stunning priceless painting. In fact, you as a former professional art thief, you have experience in stealing many priceless paintings. Starring at it for minutes, you know you have one goal tonight and that is to steal this priceless painting. Successfully stealing it could make you a million dollars in one night.

At Level 7, Ultimate Escape Game

Three families reached Berjaya Times Square mall separately on our own family vehicles. Initially, we could not locate the exact place until we asked a worker and she said, "It is here! Right here!" No wonder we couldn't find it because there was no banner or advertisement on The Escape Room. We only saw a lot of Bomb Battle related advertisement. The candidates got themselves registered and paid. Everyone had a sticker with the word 'Entry Pass' and it had to be sticked somewhere on their clothing. They were not allowed to bring bags in too, so all belongings into locker.

Everyone was ready! I took a group photo of them and then bid them farewell and good success. "Wish you all success! Enjoy to the max!" Then, we saw then disappeared into the aisle to the room.

My youngest son was not encouraged to join because he may not enjoyed it or certain part might be too dark for him. Therefore, he and I went to another level to a coffee shop called Hainan Coffee Shop to kill some time. We ordered a steamed bread with condensed milk and a kaya butter toast. Of course, a cup of hot local coffee for myself. We played mobile games together and enjoyed some time of chitchatting.

Meanwhile, my friend who needed to do some shopping went to Waikiki to search for some clothing while waiting for her husband to get his foot massage done.

After 45 minutes!

45 minutes seemed so fast. Finally, time was up. The candidates were given 45 minutes only to finish the mission. They successfully solved the missioned at the last minute. Great job to all the great brains. According to them, it was quite a different mission. Team cooperation was highly needed to find clues plus solving clues. I would say great job to them, a team of 3 adults and 3 pre-teens!!!

The manager even helped them to take a group photo with some props provided. Like the photo said, "Get blasted!"

When we finally met, all of them looked so happy and excited to tell me all the wonderful stories. And they were already planning the next Escape Room for the next upcoming school holiday!!!

It was a night well-spent. My youngest son kept saying he wanted to join them next round. We shall see how. Later on, we had our dinner at the new Food Court at the mall which I will write about on my next blog. Till then, take care.

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