Amazing Nature geography Curation report January 2024 #04


Hello "lovers" of nature and "passionate" followers of our ¨Amazing NatureCommunity¨:  The ¨geography¨ ¨ curation¨ team thanks all the ¨authors¨ who present their creative materials to newspapers, allowing us to enjoy various geographical articles from different parts of the world

We are "passionate" about nature, our "job" is to "enjoy" and "have fun" doing what we "love"; "Read", "comment" and "promote" articles on "geography". The ¨geography¨ ¨ curation¨ team is very happy to present the ¨authors¨ and ¨ featured articles¨

¨Share Our World: Port Orford area of Oregon Coast¨: 

By @sjarvie5

¨Our Journey to Bamboo Kingdom: Discover and Be Amused at Tuburan's Pride¨: 

By @naymhapz

¨Amazing Nature - Red Tit Hill: when strange nature is combined with people's imagination¨: 

By @lauramica

¨Nearby Nature ~ the creek after a storm¨: 

By @calendulacraft

This was the "weekly" selection made by the "geography" curation team. We invite all ¨authors¨ ¨passionate¨ about nature to share in our ¨Amazing NatureCommunity¨: His incredible experience with nature

The ¨geography¨ and ¨ANC¨ ¨ curation¨ team encourages authors to be ¨creative¨ to submit articles of their own ¨authorship¨, ¨genuine¨ people who feel satisfaction in things well done

If you want your article to be promoted by the geography “curation” team, and featured in this report. You should post to ¨Amazing NatureCommunity¨: Write an article related to "geography" or "landscapes", accompany with creative and beautiful photographs; It goes without saying that everything must be his own.

Amazing Nature Special Features

• Regular competitions organized by Amazing Nature (ANC) community leader @adalger

• Amazing Nature Geography curation articles written by @jlufer @redheadpei, @nelinoeva, @oscurity and @bucipuci community moderators.

• News on nature from moderators @juanbg for weekly kopetansi.

• THEMATIC CHALLENGE from @bucipuci

The Amazing Nature Community team is pleased with your interest in nature and welcomes all ORIGINAL articles and photos. At the same time, however, he points out that there is no place for PLAGIATES in the community.

DNA - Densifying Nature-Appreciation

DNA is an organization to foster and DENSIFY NATURE-APPRECIATION which aims to establish REPORTS OF BIODIVERSITY DATA that is contributed by all of us Hiveans and subsequently cataloged.

Therefore DNA searches for HIGH-QUALITY posts that aim to DESCRIBE and determine the BIODIVERSITY AROUND YOU with added EXPLANATIONS and INFORMATION. For these informative posts they offer a CURATION SERVICE using the account. It is also a CURATION TRAIL. Just add the #dna TAG if you think that any of your posts is what they are looking for.

At the moment DNA is the home of #amazingnature for all your post about the amazing nature all around us, the #aquaticsentinels for all your posts about marine topics, the #featheredfriends for all you great posts about our feathered friends, the #fungifriday for all your posts about fungi and mushrooms and the #insectsoftheworld for all posts about the world of insects ^^ But we hope that more nature related communities will join, or maybe some Hiveans start their own little project there ;) .. Maybe even you?

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