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Nomadic living means adapting to an ever changing set of circumstances and making the most of what is available. This time I'm blessed with access to a nice, well equipped site and have many plans to make it better. Maintaining trails, planting herbs, and putting the finishing touches on the campsite are a few of my daily chores, would you like to come along and see my work?The CampsiteBesides admiring the night sky and watching wildlife there is a lot to do for this little clearing in the woods. Before the tent could be placed I had to flatten a 8 foot circular clearing to fit a 7 foot tent comfortably.As darkness began to fall and the mosquitos swarmed I settled with getting this are to be "flat enough". Once inside the tent I oriented my head at the highest point and my feet where the tent sloped down which worked just fine.Then the personal touches. I brought my basket of clothing and my backpack with a couple of books in the tent. As this spring has been rainy there are a lot of mosquitos about so I spent parts of the evenings indulging in my sci-fi and fantasy books while I avoided their bites.The natural beauty of this spot inspires me so. I feel really grateful to be able to spend a few weeks here each year. And as a token of my gratitude towards the land and my family who purchased this land, I have many ongoing projects to make this little homestead better.Maybe instead of saying better I really should say "more functional". Rarely do humans make a natural landscape better. Rather, we can make it more apt for human habitation. As a lifelong student of permaculture my hope is to improve this place while also beautifying.![](

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As herbalists there is a tendency to use all of the remedies at hand rather than focus on simple practices. Red light therapy, saunas, healing crystals, massage ... there are so many techniques at our disposal these days.Over the last few days I have come down with a sore throat, runny nose, and even a bit of nausea. I could visit a doctor or some alternative therapist but, I have recently been reminded that sometimes simple is best.This time I will be healing with the most basic of remedies ... rest and tea.Getting enough sleep each and every night really is the key ingredient for better health and success in general. I find that most people I know scrap by with the minimal amount of sleep needed to survive. Bags form under their eyes, depressing thoughts cloud their mind, and they compensate with caffeinated drinks to get through the day.It can be a challenge to set aside 8 to 10 hours every night for deep rest when there is constant distractions, work to be done, and children to take care of. However, if proper rest can be attained it is well worth the investment in time. And in my case my illness is most likely due to inadequate rest. So, I am setting a goal of 10 hours in bed each 24 hours. Even if some of those hours are naps or reading sessions in the evening, giving my body the place, time, and I am also using the plethora of dried herbs that I have collected over the last year or two in herbal formulas. Formulas are combinations of herbs that support each other in their healing actions. Some herbs take the leading role while others are there for balance and even flavor.Here are two of the herbal combinations that I have formulated to heal the headaches, soreness, runny nose, and stomach pains I have been experiencing.Hawthorn, Linden Flowers, and Elder ~Linden flowers are wonderful remedies to encourage relaxation and relieve the body of tension. I would suggest drinking linden flower tea to anyone who has a hard time winding dow

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Three years ago I began building this bench out of entirely natural materials. Clay from the land itself, straw from a nearby feed store, and a bit of sand from here and there. My time at this location is always limited so I wasn't able to totally complete the bench. And instead of painting a protective layer, or at the very least tarping the bench until further work could be done, I just let it be. The following year there had been a bit of erosion due to rain and wind. To make up for the layer that had washed away I added another round of cob mixture and began to contemplate how I would stabilize and protect the cob with something more permanent. My mom suggested we use a commercial lime wash that she had found online. I had a lot of fun painting the bench as well as some other cob borders I had made for some nearby flower beds. The bench looked amazing and I was really pleased with the unique color and we took many, many photos (like this one with my younger sister Jana, myself, and lifelong friend Emma) sitting atop it. But, and to my great embarrassment, this paint was not to last.As you can see in the forefront of this picture most of the paint washed away and even some of the cob beneath. After growing up during decades of drought in the sunny state of California I have been truly surprised by the rainy winters of the last two years. If I had read the instructions that came with the lime paint properly I would have known that this product was not meant for exteriors. I will certainly give it a try in the future with indoor walls but, I had to simply

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Witchcraft includes the word "craft" for a reason. Many modern witches are more likely to create a magical object than cast a spell in the traditional scenes. And this is especially the case when travel and good luck spells are concerned.For this edition of Witch Weekly I am sharing some items that have been inspiring in the creating of magical objects known as amulets. Amulets are created by a practitioner with a specific intention in mine. I collected handfuls of pea flowers and roses from a garden I have worked on for years. I was surprised to find that the pea flowers though originally magenta dried into deep indigo. The roses kept their color almost exactly. Both are so precious that I kept them in tiny jars to be put on display, to be kept as lucky tokens, or to be used in herb sachets someday. And finally I found a use for two tiny spoons I was given a year ago!Flower magic plays upon the agreed upon meanings of the flowers as well as the specific associations each person has with the flowers themselves. These flowers will always hold the energy of the place where they were grown as well as the feelings I had when I collected them. That day I felt a sense of peace and belonging, I felt like I was on the right path even if that path doesn't make much sense to anyone else. And isn't that exactly what any witch desires? On my flower hunting walk I came across a neighbor who is also quite fond of flowers, gardening, and crafting just like me! She lent me a The book was full of unique ideas for repairing clothing with beautiful patches and stitches. I didn't have time to do muc

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I have a big pile of clothing given to me by others that don't quite suit me. People gift me used clothes very often. I am very fortunate that in that way and now it is time to transform the clothing that I have been given.Over the years I have mended tears, taken in clothing that was too large and taken out clothing that is too small. This day I wanted to try my hand at dying!I have owned a little packet of dye for nearly 8 years and have been afraid to use it until now. Not sure exactly what it is I was afraid of to be honest. This brand of dye (which can be found in many art shops as well as online here) is wo easy to use and very low-fuss. I recomend it!The key is to have enough clothing to fill 1 load of laundry. Also, you must have a washing machine. That is the main reason I never gave this craft a go before. These types of dye come in two variations and in many colors. I chose blue dye for natural fabrics. So I sorted though my pile of light cotton and linen clothing. Then, I soaked the batch of clothing in non-iodized salt (salt without added iodine) and threw the saltl-y clothing and the dye packet in the washing machine as the packet directions indicated. I also added a small amount of soap to the detergent compartment. And this is how the clothes came out!Some garments are faintly sky blue while others are vibrant and even dark. It all depends on the type of fabric and the color I began with. I am really glad that I threw in these two scarves that are probably originally from department stores and now, are uniquely my own!Have you ever tried dying clothing? Did you like the results? Let me know in the comments!