Wednesday Walk - Hiking at KL East Park


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I am excited to share this hike I did with my friends some time ago on #wednesdaywalk!

We did this hike in March when we wanted to celebrate two friends' birthdays and I was eager to hike. So we decided to have a different celebration by going hiking at this new hit spot behind my house.

Well it is not technically behind my house but it is really near from where I stay. Many have posted about this KL East Park which is free entrance from now till August this year. Many have reviewed and boasted about how easy it is to hike. The trail is about 2km long only so it made me very eager to try.

Pre-book our hike

This is the special part about this place. We can only enter by pre-booked slots as they only allow 80 hikers per session. Each session is 2 hours long. The reason seems to be wanting to protect the fauna and Flora species here in this park. We took the 9am slot. They are very strict with punctuality. Of we are more than 15 minutes late from the session starting time, we won't be allowed to enter.

Hence.... we must time our walk precisely. We parked the car at a designated parking lot which is about 5 to 10 minutes walk to the park entrance gate. We must allocate time for the walking towards the gate. It was a beautiful and cooling morning when we went so the walk was a breeze.

At the entrance, we were greeted by a few signages saying KL East Park and then we walked the stairs down. There we were greeted by their staff who are assigned to check our QR code after we precooked the hike. The temperature out there was 23.4 C.

Entering the Park

At 9am sharp, they let us in. I was intrigued to check out the place. There are washrooms at the entrance for us to use, if we need to. We went walking on the jungle tracks which was easy to walk on before we reached the stone-paved steps. Now before I came, I thought that would be easy to walk and maybe my 3-year-old also can do it. However I was wrong. The stones made it harder to walk as it tend to make us feel we may slip on them. We had to have better grips on our own. The temperature in the park was recorded at 22.5C. We even saw their employed cleaner sweeping their hiking path, wow!

There was like a fallen tree where we needed to go under and over it. Maybe it was kept there on purpose so we can feel the hike being more challenging. It was fun and not hard to overcome. There were signs on the tress and also some signs to tell us how far we had reached. It was actually am easy hike to reach a plateau area where we see the city view and there was a phototaking spot for us to "check in".

Took a rest

We took quite a long break after we reached the summit. We took photos and helped other hikers too to take photos. It was relaxing and the weather was not hot yet. I took time to look around and also drank some water. Then we decided to head down.

Now the going down was a bit tougher especially on the stoned paved steps. We needed our knees to hold back and get good grips. It was more challenging for my friend who had suffered knee injury but it was still doable. I spotted some interesting plants and the one I like the most is a bluish green leafy plant.

On our way back to the car, we did some jump shots because the road was so empty!

Here are some of our other photos of the day!

That was quite a fun hike actually. I may return for second round with maybe my firstborn. Not sure if my youngest son can make it himself though he was quite resilient in our first hike together. It was a refreshing time being in the jungle and being immersed in the sounds and smell of nature. I truly enjoyed it!

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