Caught up on SBI Giveaways! Do you want faucet content?


Again my apologies for the late delivery of prizes, but to make up for it prizes were doubled.

@maurojd @daddydog @pero82 @efmm were the winners.

So far 293 out of 420 SBI units have been given away. Making great progress. There is still about 2 and a half months left until 4-20-2024. I don't see any reason why I can't exceed the goal :)

If I am well enough I want to do a special giveaway on 4-20. Since my illnesses are so hard to predict I will likely do that giveaway sometime in the week leading up to 4-20 (April 20). We'll see how things go then.

................ I have a question for y'all. Would you be interested in a couple of blog posts from me about free faucet sites/sites you can earn free crypto? Faucets are basically drips where you can claim small amounts of free BTC/crypto. I have been a member of a few legit sites for years and if you are interested in that content I will write posts explaining what I do and how I leverage free/earned crypto into slightly more crypto.

You won't get rich doing this but every little bit counts. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in this kind of content. If not. no worries.

Stay tuned. More giveaways coming soon!

I will be re starting these giveaways hopefully this coming week.

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