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We've recently had a bought of the Dreaded Covid, fly through the house. Wife laid up for the worst part of almsot 2 weeks, youngest, for 5 days, oldest for 10. I avoided it, until 5 days ago... and then... the day I woke feeling only Mostly Dead.


Svenska Kottbullar (Swedish Meatballs) Bondost (Swedish Farmer Cheese), Medhurst, and a Baked Ham, also, my painfully bad for you Pinneapple Stuffing. Pound Butter, Loaf of Bread, and 2 cans crushed Pinneapple, baked. and of course, Garlic Smashed Potato

Usually, Christmas is a big gathering of many families, sort of a larger Family reunion. NOT THIS YEAR, with my brother traveling to his inlaws in Wisconsin, and not wanting to risk infecting the 80 somethings, he avoided us. Same for my wife's brother's and sister's families, *avoiding pestilence* was the word for the day.

So, rather than a big meal cooked for many, it was a simple meal for the 4 of us. Unbelievably relaxed... like, nothing we've had in recent memory. Our cooking for two days was low key. I meal prep, too. And the Christmas Eve, an actual sit down, the four of us. That's the pic above.

Christmas morning was up, make some cinnamon swirls, and a relaxed morning with Hot Cocoa, Hot Chocolate, or Coffee, your *poison* of choice.


I was with Santa, last night, and I swear all the presents had Bows on them. Perhaps the culprit, can be found... somehow, more than half the bows and ribbons were slightly soggy, chewed and removed, when the whovians, woke.


Don't get me wrong, there was cooking, lots of baking in fact. But, instead of a dozen people joining, and dozens and dozens of cookies of many types and colours, it was a more laidback, relaxed affair. I can't say it was something I want every year...


But, for us, this year, it was a wonderful change of pace. I've been married now, 30 years. And we have hosted almost every holiday. EVERY YEAR, for decades now. It was a wonderful change of pace, to stop, slow down, and relax.


I am thankful for our time together. It is THE gift. not something I can repay. It is the reason I smile. Time. With Family.

Speaking of cooking, baking, and all, as I spent time in my kitchen, I look around and see so many memories. This is the house I grew up in. Many of the bowls, cooking utensils, and more, are my mom's and my Yia Yia before her. I remember mom, dad, my Papou, and Yia Yia, as well as my wife's parents, since they are not with us today, in person.

I am thinking of my brother's mother-in-law, spending her Christmas in hospital, and wishing her speedy recovery. Lots of love sent to Chippewa Falls to all their family out west.

To my friends oldest, dearest here on Hive, @thekittygirl who brought me to steem, to @shadowspub who showed me the amazing connections and taught me so much, to my friend Gander, @dreemsteem for showing me how to find myself, hidden in so much grief and pain, to @saffisara and @enginewitty for fam, to @eveningart for love and kindness, and to so many more, I wish you all an amazing Holiday.

Slowing down, and spending time with hose that matter, and not spending money on gifts for gifting sake, that was important, and a valuable wakeup.

And that makes me smile...

How did you spend your holiday? Let me know below in the comments...

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