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I was surfing twitter X and I saw a post from HiveKeychain.


Yeah, it is a giveaway who on planet earth sees a free thing and turns his back on it. So I decided to participate.


I liked, retweeted and commented with my hive username. Later that day I saw another post from them.


When I saw this, I was puzzled but yet overwhelmed that I could get a higher chance of winning, I immediately started replying my username countless number of times.

At first I commented just my username multiple times, but after the first post the rest weren't successful, until I read the notification which said that I can't reply the same word or sentence multiple times. So I started manipulating my comments.


Then an idea struck me, Christmas is not just celebrating Jesus but also appreciating one another for the successful year end, exchanging gift etc.

So, I decided to create a gift for HiveKeychain, as a Graphic Designer all I could offer was a nice piece of design from my heart.

I began the process,


This was the first design I carved, using different, yet simple elements and inspirations from various sources.


So I commented with this, until I saw something in their pinned post in their profile. I saw a background faint stripe from the Hive logo.


I had to implement that in the design, therefore I made an adjustment to the design.


Then I made the comment promising it was the last comment.


While going off twitter, I realized that we are in a colorful season, the leaves and gifts in the design were too pale, so I had to make a correction.

HIVE 3.png

So I finally made this, and I made the last reply to the post.


That's how I manage to pull through writing my hive key chain username multiple times, I do hope I am considered one of the winners.

@erikah I was quite confused on which community to place this experience, I hope you can give me a guide on that.

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