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#832 - Ilocos Shots for Wednesday.Greetings this rainy evening fellow beautiful Hiveans. It's been several days of continued raining because of a typhoon and weather system. The river in our area where I used go jog has reached third alarm already and force evacuations has been going on overnight in the lower areas. The rain never stops, a colleague also has experienced flooding at their place and was forced to relocate to a relative. This is just the beginning of the rainy season and there could be more like this on in the coming months. The room of my mother in law was also drenched in water coming from the wall where water sipped in. I had to move their furnitures to clear the way and put several containers to catch the waters. She can't use her bed because there's also water coming out from the ceiling so he will use my son's room for the moment and my son will move to our room while I work at night downstairs. It's tough times where we are right now.Moving now to our daily shots which is about our travel to Ilocos region last month. Here we have some of the shots taken, this one is when we arrived in Vigan Ilocos Sur. We had to stop by for a rest and meal here but first we walked the famous Calle Crisologo even at day time the place is flocked by locals and tourists. There are also several stores that sells different kind of items like religious souvenirs and local foods the province is proud of. There are also locals who offers their service like taking photos for the group. It's up to you on how much tip you want to give to them. The local took this shot with the heritage homes along the Calle which dates back to the Spanish era in the country which was in 1560s onwards. Then after walking for some time we noticed there are also local businesses that offer foods and drinks and one o