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Hello friends, it has been an intense week full of rain, as they say in good Cuban, but that is why life has continued and we have continued with our daily chores. Fathers' day is coming, in Cuba it is next Sunday, but they are not always present.I visit the sea a lot when I want a bit of calm, however, I like to visit the cemetery, a place that many avoid and yet it is the final destination of all, as if visiting it would avoid with that act to reach your end.When I want to understand something of those feelings that are mixed between melancholy and some sadness, I go there. I recover the peace, and at the same time the warmth of its construction and its works of art give me life, perhaps many do not understand me how to find life in a cemetery, everything is of the approach that you give at least our main cemetery The Necropolis of Christopher Columbusis full of works that arouse curiosity, its great entrance of three arches that is nothing more than the representation of the three virtues of the theology, Faith, Hope, Charity, make you feel small when you cross it.Its marbles, its carvings, make it seem as if each work has a life beyond keeping death. I walk, its streets and I always think how many hands, sore, worked so that I could observe so much beauty, as the dead nature, its leaves, are mixed in perfect condition with those that carry cycles, enduring the cold and the summer, the nights and the days.Our cemetery, as in all of them, keeps great stories, but what it keeps most are simple mortals. This walk allowed me to get to know the marbles and granites that can be seen everywhere, but above all when you sit on its cold marble benches, under its green trees, you rest