Holozing Curation Compilation #51


Holozing Curation Compilation #51


Holozing Curation Compilation #51

**Welcome to the 51st issue of Holozing Curation Compilation!**

Hello everyone! This is the 51st compilation post of Holozing Curation initiative.

This is our curation effort that aims to curate posts that are shared on in the Holozing community. These post highlighted are the finest content that our Holozing curators submit for the curation. We also encourage you to visit these blogs and show these great Holozingers your support and encouragement. Engagement is what makes the community thrive, so we hope that you are taking a time to visit each other post.

Author: @chacald.dcymt Curator: @kstreet

Lovely earrings!

My own version of Miu's dangling earrings for the Healer of the forest [Eng-Esp]

Greetings friends who love handicrafts! I welcome you to my Bricolaje DC Workshop. One of the things I love about Hive, is the way we interact with other users and the camaraderie we can form.

Author: @borbolet Curator: @kstreet

Love it!

Small adventure recreating a water wale (Stop motion)

It is a pleasure to share in this great community, today I ventured to work with plasticine, small character of the little whale of Holozing to make a stop-motion, it is the first time I do this. The good thing about doing this work is that you have a lot of fun, the bad thing is that I'm not an expert with these plasticine creations and it cost me to make parts of this character hahaha, but I dared and I do not regret it, the result is really worth.

Author: @legra Curator: @kstreet

Nice pixels!

4 protagonists of Holozing in 1 FanArt but with 4 techniques: Pixel Drawing.

Hello Community! Today I want to show you a pixelated digital drawing that I made inspired by the main characters of Holozing using 4 techniques for this.

Author: @saydie Curator: @kstreet

Solid logos!

Referral Program is Active! And Creating Hive Inspired Creature Logo

Just a few days ago, the Referral Program for Holozing has been activated so now, all the Hivers that registers on https://holozing.com/ all have their own Referral Link which we can use in order to help promote the game while at the same time, receive 5% lifetime rewards from the purchases of our referred accounts that include things like starter packs and healers. Because of this, the first part of this post will be a guide on how to get your referral link as well as set your referrer or the one that onboard you in Holozing while for the second part will be just me having fun making some creature type logo fan art and going through the process of making it.

Author: @dayadam Curator: @kstreet

They look great!

Delegation Increase / Reward Upgrade / Referral // MIU Hanging Earrings for the Forest Female // Quilling technique [Eng-Esp]

Today in this new weekly update of rewards and progress in the holozing community, I continue with my art, this time I find myself fulfilling a nice challenge from my dear @chacald.dcymt, which I realize a pair of beautiful MIU earrings in flexible dough, designed by friend @julsdraws for the healer of the forest. 🍀🐱🐾❤️

Author: @papaleta Curator: @kstreet

What a cool interpretation.

Fire Wolf holozing Human Version

Greetings dear hive community, the portrait I made today is inspired by a character called Fire Wolf from Holozing, I wanted to transform this cute wolf into a human figure and that's why I turned him into an attractive young man with fire eyebrows and a great hairstyle and an aura of fire, I also gave it my personal touch with striped shading and hard edges and illuminated eyes that focus the attention of the viewer of the portrait, and some touch-ups to raise its quality, until the next portrait.

Author: @rosmiapure Curator: @kstreet

Very cute!

My progress with the $ZING token and the MIU plush toy

Today I want to show you how I made my new plush toy inspired by the Holozing creature known as MIU. But, first, I want to show you how my participation inside Holozing is going.

Author: @belkysmargarita Curator: @kstreet


Hair Accessory Proposal for the Forest Healer - Entry to the Holozing Contest.

Hello to all my friends from the Holozing Community, I am happy to be present on this opportunity to present my most recent creative project inspired by Holozing. This time it is a beautiful hair accessory, especially designed for the Forest Healer. Among the healers, he is one of my favorite characters, because his creation inspiration was the theme of nature. The hair accessory is my idea proposal in the Holozing Project Healers Accessory Contest.

Author: @albiro2050 Curator: @kstreet

Got to love good pixel art.


For this occasion I brought you a chibi style pixel art of one of the game's characters. You can comment on what letter you want me to make for the next occasion.

Author: @julsdraws Curator: @kstreet

Wow juls! This is really great!

Female Forest Healer | Holozing Healer Traits [MY CONTEST ENTRY]

Holo Everyone here! Today i decided to submit an entry for the Holozing Healer Traits Contest. Tho this time around it took me almost 7 hours to finish this artwork because there are a couple of reasons first is i tried my hardest to present or draw a cleaner lineart this time which consists of a lot of undos for me to create clean lineart well i think for most artist is the same, another reason is conceptualizing the final art and look of each accessories as well as the look of the female forest healer. With that in mind lets hop on to the explanation of the traits...

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