HIVE PROGRESS - The Busy Bees 2024🐝🐝🐝 Progress Report Week 4


The Busy Bees

Good day everyone!

Another busy Sunday for me with the kids, I managed to get this report out finally!

Congratulations to @merit.ahama for hitting the 10,000HP milestone!

Let's get into it!

The Basic Rules of Activity

  • Activity means posting and commenting within a 30-day time.

  • Posting weekly is recommended.

  • Supporting one another with votes and engagement is encouraged. There is zero enforcement, we just recommend it. If you want people on Hive who will speak and interact with you - just look at the people in this list!

There are a few accounts (like the top Minnows) that have gone inactive that I do NOT take down due to inactivity. This is mainly to give the active Minnows and Redfish something to aim at. It would also be really cool to see you guys catch up to these larger accounts due to your activity vs the inactivity of these accounts.

Progress List

Orca Category

@cryptoandcoffee @papilloncharity

Dolphin Category

@julianhorack @rynow @lizelle @braaiboy @fermentedphil @cryptothesis @littlebee4 @joanstewart @merit.ahama @new.things @irisworld @alonicus @jasperdick @fionasfavourites @tengolotodo @joetunex @nkemakonam89 @slothlydoesit

Minnow Category

@chekohler @zo3d @p1k4ppa10 @hopestylist @itsostylish @zakludick @nikv @quduus1 @technicalside @penderis @consciouscat @awgbibb @george-dee @jacoalberts @misshugo @artywink @treasuree @therneau @wallay @edycu007 @clairemobey @beauty197 @mrenglish @lex-zaiya @actordontee @xplosive

Redfish Category

@loadreaper @ma3str0 @urban.scout @breezin @tigermom @marelizezeeman @hellsveiah @moclassic @sommylove @threedotz @ngwinndave @riesakashiya @aimeludick @fufukunnn @merenludick @jusipassetti @xenowolfza @kerras @tomster-17
@maccazftw @nxghtrxven @matthew-williams

Group stats

Nomination of Gifts

My Nomination of sharing 50% of this post's payout goes to @maccazftw for being the lowest HP account that posted something this week!

In support of our Redfish doing well, For @alonicus' SBI gifts I nominate: @urban.scout and @hellsveiah

I have highlighted all the Redfish that have at least posted something in the list for @braaiboy to see who he can support using Ecency points.

Let's go! Good luck for the new week!

Inactive members

@anikekirsten, @stevemuis, @michieme, @thefoxygeeksa, @rexydayz, @evanrentschler, @juliadick, @temmylade,@giantbear, @geelocks, @pixelhuntersam, @newharvest

Cheers! @zakludick

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