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We've reconnected with my godmother a few months ago and had been very close with her ever since. He is the most kind I've ever seen and she thinks we are her kids. Her three sons were already away and her beloved husband was gone leaving her along on her lonely home.Well I could not say she's lonely though.About three nights ago, she asked us to sleep on her place, she had this little Kubo beside her house as a guest room. She went to her house in the subdivision that's why she needed us to stay in hers. To guard perhaps.We had a great time, the kids loved how lovely her little house was and I and my husband had to to taste our dream retirement home. Way back years ago, I and my husband dreamed we would be living on a small bamboo house on a farm when the kids would be away for school or got a family of their own. We imagined what our life would be and it was simple and lovely.That night, it had rainshowers and the temperature was very nice. The kids slept soundly but I only had a good sleep at 5am. I was constantly listening to the surroundings and getting rid of the mosquitoes that bites my leg, they are annoying as I was used to have mosquito net protection whenever I sleep.When the morning came, the girls woke up early and I told them to go to the Mango tree and search for new fallen mangoes on the ground: they did and happily told me they saw a cute brown rabbit around.The godmother came home and I was already up, finished fixing the bed and the folding the sheets we used the went and found out these amazing sceneries of wet leaves. Glad I had my camera with me and snapped and snapped! Itis been months since there was no rain and most of the plants dried and turned brown, so sad to see but that day, the green leaves gave me hope that rain season is finally coming, and farmers will be able to cope up from it's fall. ![](

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Image taken on my sister's house I don't usually complain about people making nosie. I learned to tolerate them even at work where concentration is much needed but tonight, I was woken up by the two noisy neighbors studying nextdoor. It's f**kn 2:30 am and I needed rest as much as I can to do the work I had tomorrow I was pretty tired from yesterday's work load.Last month, the government implemented road clearing operation along the highway, they planned on making a rotunda to replace our old landmark, taking and using up all the Road right of way area. So this neighbor who had a tiny house set near the highway moved right next to ours. The man was in his early twenties, and having a girlfriend with him. Their first night living near us was full of tears, the woman cried so loud, hyperventilated and soon got okay. A few nights following is the same, she's very emotional and just can't hold it in never minding if they were disturbing people around them.Tonight, she had a friend with her and they are studying on something, so noisy and their voice got through my wall. A mosquito added to my annoyance too. I had my mosquito net on but they still manage to come inside my safe place.I mean i would not mind them making noise if it's still 10pm, even that late is tolerable but 2am is not impressive at all. Yet I kept quiet, let I pass and hope they won't do it again. I don't want trouble with neighbors but these ones don't show consideration to other people.Now I lost my sleep an I'm sure this would load me up later. It's now 4:24 am and the two noisy ladies went to sleep already. Pissed me off actually.

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Life is a constant change and most of the time, it piles you up work that triggers change. Just last year, my boss decided for an expansion of his feed mill plant and now that they are 90% done, loads of work had been added to us employees and doing the paper work is never easy. Well it would have been easier if Greg was not pulled out towards the feed outlet in the city because the boss lost 100% of his trust of a family member assigned there. One day, the plant manager was called by the boss and asked if who could do Greg's work in making cheque upon buying corn; I and Paula can do it and so it was decided to pull him out and we had no idea whether he would come back. For now, Paula and I had been relieving him for two long weeks, and it seems like there is no plan on replacing his position. As for the time being, I am very loaded with work and it stresses me out so much! I talked with my other co-worker and he said he also needed someone to do the recording of all the raw materials that comes, while I needed someone to record all the usages of the raw materials for animal feeds. As of now, there were two 10-tonner machine and the new 20-tonner machine that runs and we're still building the inventory that can supply the monster machines in the hopes that we would d never run out of raw materials to be used and make good use and profit of the machines my boss bought. One more thing,I was really hoping for a pay increase too because it's been a while sine we last had them; as we all know prices in everything all rose and my income remained on above minimum. I hope he'd have the heart to grant my desire.Also, the long dry period refrained the farmers to plant corn resulting to skyrocket and he was forced to import feed wheat that doubles up he work. As of writing, I ditched my work to unwind by writing what I felt and easy my troubled heart. One of the many result o