Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! All About REBELLION CONFLICTS


Greetings, dear friends of Hive Blockchain! I hope you all are doing well and feeling healthy. I am also good and enjoying my life. It's Sunday 28th day of January 2024 here in Pakistan. Today I am again going to participate in the Splinterlands Social media challenge and I am sharing this post as my entry for the Splinterlands Social media challenge. You can also participate in this weekly challenge, to know more about how to participate in this challenge visit this https://hive.blog/hive-13323/@splinterlands/splinterlands-social-media-challenge.


In this post, I will share all about Rebellion Conflicts and how you can participate in these conflicts to get the airdrop card. I will also share about Mage Wagons and how to buy them. You can read about it further below in this post.


Splinterlands team has introduced a new airdrop system for the Rebellion set called Conflicts which is much more competitive and different from the previous editions' airdrop system. In the previous editions' airdrop system if you bought packs then only you would be eligible to get the airdrop cards but in the Rebellions edition, you can get airdrop not just only buying packs but also by buying Rebellion cards from the market and keeping them in the Mage Wagons.


Mage Wagons:

To participate in Rebellion Conflicts you need to buy Mage Wagons where you can keep your Rebellion cards and packs to get contribution points based on the cards and packs you deployed in your Mage Wagons. You can keep a maximum of 5 Rebellion cards and 100 packs in one Mage Wagon. The contribution of cards deployed will be based on the rarity of cards, the number of combined copies of cards, and the foil type(gold foil or regular). The best strategy to get more contribution points is to keep upgraded legendary cards in Wagons which will maximize your chances of getting the airdrop card. You can use the Mage Wagons for all the Rebellion airdrop Cards means you can use them in the future not just only for the first airdrop card.


How To Purchase Mage Wagons:

To participate in Conflicts you must have Mage Wagon in your account. The only way to get Mage Wagons is to buy it from the Market because it is soulbound to your account and you can not transfer it to another player. You can buy Wagons using Vouchers, Dec, and Credits. Each Wagon cost 50 Vouchers, 10,000 DEC, or 10,000 Credits. You can buy a maximum of 200 Wagons in one transaction. The current price of one Mage Wagon is 1.85 USD.


Rage: The First Airdrop Card:

The first airdrop card in the Rebellion edition is Rage which is a Fire Splinter Magic attack legendary monster that costs 16 mana and does -4 magic attack along with 2 abilities Flying and Void at level 1. It will be a game-changing card because of its abilities and high magic attack.


My Plan For Participating In Conflicts:

I am unable to participate in the first airdrop as I do not have enough funds to do so. I have considered various options, but unfortunately, none of them have worked out. I am disappointed that I won't be able to participate in this airdrop, but I am looking forward to participating in future drops. In the meantime, I will continue to explore ways to increase my funds and be better prepared for future opportunities.


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Posted Using https://inleo.io/@yameen/splinterlands-social-media-challenge

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