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SkateHive is evolving a lot. So I decided to create this post to talk about that and present to the community some nerds builders behind that.

This is Bam Margera nerding up to create CKY videos, I think this picutre is inspiring cause it prooves that crazy motherfuckers can nerd up and change a whole generation from their garage stations.

Before we had high speed internet and web2 media, nerds all over the world spread skateboarding culture by using mIRC. That changed skateboarding forever, so did web2 in a differene way and I believe we might be creating the next iteration of that with SkateHive.

SkateHive Fresh Blood

BeagleXV Skate Style Contribution
Ali-h Skate Style Contribution
Unknown Several Contributios like 3speak integration, QFS devOPS
Tito Skate Style Contribution
r4toPunk Skate Style Contribution
caliber54 (Millz) SkateStyle Contribution
Parks/Scooter Mentoring
HighLander SkateStyle Contribution
hoverboard Mentoring and Maintaing Pioneer
Mengao SkateStyle Contribution
cruiser Mentoring and Maintaing Skatehive Witness

You can find then and other OG contributors like web-gnar and KnowHow in our Discord, which btw, we changed its vanity link. Other skaters slept on in and now /skateboard names is ours here is our new Discord Link:

What are we doing after all?

We wanto create the right tooling for empowering skateboard local groups with skatehive tech.

The plan is to educate key "makers" how to create their own skateapp clones powered by blockchain technology that will facilitate storage of skateboarding culture, creators economy with tokenization, and groups consensus.

The clones can (manually for now) take the tools from and also contributing by creating new tools like crowsnight store, that allows the user to purchase items with HBD earned in Hive Posts.

The fact that the clones are built for local ninches allows the apps to display users native language and currency facilitating users understanding and admins product shipping. Another example would be mirroring our governance tools for creating a decentralized consensus between skateboarding orgs.

Although our MotherShip is our canva of learning and improvisation. r4topunk a more experiencied dev and artist, is already taking its learnings and compiling in a new NextJs app, polishing our functions and rewriting from a perfomance/simplicity perspective generating an ideal starting point for new devs.

And talking about new Devs...

When I started skateapp repo, I had that blind hope that people would join me in that opensource project, contribute and learn with me. Having hope in OS, brought me joy surprisingly fast, in so little time, not just contributors with more experience jumped in but also people with no previous experience in web development were able to extract functional basic knowledge about from our daily discord calls, public documents and personal availability.

Today we are very bullish teaching each other, so we are looking for more skaters to teach and learn and grow our group. If you are a dev or a skater, join us in our mission to level up skateboarding 3.0.

For all of those mentioned in this post and for all the readers in this deep internet, thanks a lot. 2024 will be very special for all of us. ⌐◨-◨

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