Hey there, after so much consideration I'd like to bring you along with me on the journey of how to make Shawarma. Shawarma tends to be one of the popular foods in Nigeria Lagos to be precise and you can hardly walk a few distances and not find more than one Shawarma spot. But the difference is the taste.

Shawarma is a mouth-watery street food that has gained popularity in West Africa. With its well-grilled beef/chicken, its juicy cream and its diced veggies no wonder many people gain interest in eating It.

SAM, a Shawarma enthusiast, as I embark on a journey to share with you how to make the perfect Shawarma.

My journey starts by going to the market with my co-workers to purchase the necessary ingredients for Shawarma preparation

At the market, we purchased the necessary items for the preparation of the Shawarma such as

1. Pita bread. Shawarma bread is also known as pita bread. This bread is made from a mixture of flour, water, sugar, salt, and other baking items.

2. Chicken/beef

Chicken/beef is one of the key ingredients used in making shawarma.

How is this prepared?

.The preparation of the chicken/beef starts by getting the amount required for the production you need, as for me I get enough because it is for max production. .After buying my chicken I debone(An act of removing bone from chicken, fish, or meat) to the desired size. .After my deboning I marinate. This is another key aspect of the process of making Shawarma. Marination is the process of adding the necessary spices to your chicken/beef. .After an hour I grill them using a specially-made machine till they get soft and ready to Eat/use

3. sausage This Processed meat/chicken is made by mixing ingredients such as flavorings and other cooking items.

4. mayonnaise Preferably I use two types of mayonnaise for the production of my Shawarma which are jago and Bama. In terms of market share Bama has been the best and I use this for its creamy after-taste while I use Jago to blend the texture of the cream.

5. Ketchup Known and mainly used for its tomato-based taste. Made with tomatoes, vinegar, etc.

6. veggies When it comes to using veggies in Shawarma a lot of us have different preferences but I prefer to use cabbage and carrots.

7. pepper this ingredient tend to be the last on my list because not everyone likes pepper but the main purpose of pepper in a shawarma is to give it a peppery taste.

Other ingredients include

Honey and milk flavor.

Preparation of shawarma. After getting all the ingredients ready I start making Shawarma by putting on my gloves first then I lay the pita bread on the tray. Scooping of my mayonnaise comes next. In this case, a lot of other people don't make use of this procedure because it tends to exhaust ingredients they mix all of their cream and ketchup in plastic with an additional water but I prefer to use my method because it's more durable unlike the other method and doesn't get soggy.

Next, I add my veggies(cabbage and carrot), my well-cooked chicken/beef, my milk flavor (this tends to give the Shawarma a nice smell), and honey then I mix till the mixture all blends. After mixing, I add my hot dog and then roll the Shawarma On the toasting machine wrap. Here, people ask how many minutes it takes the Shawarma to be ready well I regard that as the wrong question instead the question should be how many minutes the wrap needs to get crunched because practically every ingredient in the Shawarma is already well cooked aside from the cabbage which can be eaten like that except the pita bread that's still soft and needs to get hard for the crunchy feeling.

And here is our Shawarma final result.

In conclusion, making the perfect Shawarma requires time, effort, and the right ingredients. With SAM's recipe, you can make the perfect Shawarma that will leave your taste buds craving for more. So, why not give it a try? Share your Shawarma-making experience in the comments section!

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