Christmas Coffee Advent - Days 19-24


Merry Christmas! Merry Coffee Christmas, in fact.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, was the end of my December Coffee Advent. Over the course of the month of December, up to yesterday, I have drank 24 distinct cups of coffee.

Well, to be brutally honest, I've had much, much more than that, but 24 cups of coffee that I wouldn't normally drink. Here are the final 6.

Day 19: Dark Chocolate


This coffee worked. It really did. Dark chocolate isn't incredibly sweet, so this particular flavour really only added chocolate to the coffee. I like coffee. I like chocolate. This was a winner.

Day 20: Roasted Chestnut


This was a midling flavour. I had high hopes, being that I like nuts, almonds, hazelnut and the like. Amaretto is a favourite of mine. But this was... eh. Not good. Not bad. The "roasted" of the flavour almost gave it a slightly burnt aroma.

Day 21: Vanilla Bean


Nope. All sorts of nope to this one. Vanilla works in stout beer, but it just tastes bad in coffee. Nope.

Day 22: Glazed Cinnamon Roll


I was not expecting much from this coffee, but was pleasantly surprised. Interestingly, I have found over the last several flavours that those I was concerned about turned out to be pretty tasty, and vice versa. Turns out with this one the cinnamon really came out, which is a good flavour to have in a coffee. Yum.

Day 23: Chocolate Truffle


It turns out that this one was I was rather concerned about and, it seems, was correct. The truffle part of the chocolate really took the bite and bitter out of the coffee and made it seem almost like a syrup more than a coffee. It wasn't to my liking.

Day 24: Mint Mocha


This was definitely an interesting way to complete the series of advent coffees. Mint mocha, or chocolate mint, is a good flavour in and of itself, but I was not completely sure about putting it into a coffee. Surprisingly it worked pretty well. It was Christmas Candy Cane-y without being overbearingly sweet. Thankfully the mocha was not very strong and was, in fact, quite complementary to the mint. This was a nice way to complete the calendar.

And there it is. Another advent in the books, and another Christmas complete today.

Merry Christmas one and all! I wish you peace and happiness.

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