Coffee Think Tank


I ran out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around my hair. It was still a shock as to why I wasn't already fired as I was a prominent late comer.

I headed straight for the kitchen to grab myself a cup of coffee and the heap of dirty plates in the kitchen sink reminded me that I lived with a very unhygienic partner who I was currently at loggerheads with.

"Jack! You know you can find better ways to spite me." I yelled in anger as I rummaged in search of the coffee beans.

"What did I do this time tigress?"

Tigress? Jack has definitely got some balls.

"Instead of looking for annoying names to call me each time, why not work on your hygiene?" I yelled once again, more frustrated this time.

"Where are the fluffing coffee beans jack?"

"Oh dear, the boys and I exhausted all the coffee yesterday"

"And you didn't think it right to replace it? Or at least tell me so I do not spend more time searching for something that wasn't there?" I retorted. This time, I wasn't just referring to the coffee beans, I indirectly referred to our crashing relationship.

"Noted. Next time I'd do one of those, "Jack said flatly.

"Noted? What? You never learnt how to apologize?" I huffed. "You know what? Just forget it" I said, walking to my bedroom. Exchanging words with Jack was only going to cost me more time.

I hurriedly dressed up. "8:15 am, shoot!". I was fifteen minutes late and I hadn't stopped by the cafè yet. Like lightning, I bolted out of the house, making sure to bang the door loudly behind me.

I couldn't help but think about the past. The days I wouldn't leave for work without kissing Jack goodbye. The days I got leg massages after work. I still do not know what happened to our relationship.

Still lost in thoughts, I opened the door to the cafe and something felt strange. Trying to stifle my detective spirit in order not to take up too much time, I briskly walked over to the counter and there was the infamous barista, Scot.

"Hello Scot, can I get the usual"

"Hello Madam Anabelle, I hope you are doing great today". He said. I loved it whenever a Scot pronounced my name with his French accent. However, Scot was never the chatty type so why was he trying to start up a conversation.

"I'm doing okay Scot. How are you doing?" I played along.

"As you can see Madam, I'm doing great! As a matter of fact I would love to tell you about how great I've been".

I looked at my wrist watch, "8:25 am

"How lovely of you Scot but unfortunately I'm running late, how about you tell me all about it some other time?" I cut him off in the most polite way I could.

"Alright Madam, your usual coming right up".

I took the time to look around and I couldn't help but wonder why the once bubbling and lively coffee shop was now filled with humans in circles.

"Hey Scot, do you mind explaining what's going on here?"

"Oh, that. These are strangers who find joy in sharing their stories with one another "

I chuckled, "you're joking right?"

"No madam, you can check it out for yourself" Scot said with a smile. This was getting really uncomfortable. Scot was smiling and the cafe was now a support group where strangers openly shared their life stories, joys, and sorrows?

"Here you go Madam. Have a wonderful day".

"Thank you Scot" I said,picking up my coffee. Just to clear my doubt, I slowly walked towards one of the gatherings and the people there were all empathetic towards one another. Some were sharing their stories while others were in tears. This was really insane.

I stormed out of the cafe. I was already thirty minutes late for work. Yet another day explaining myself to my boss.

My phone beeped. Who was texting me at this hour?

"Have you seen the news?" Anita, my colleague, texted.

"No ma'am "

"And you claim you're an active journalist? Well, that's why you have me".

"Alright, so what's the big news?"

"News reaching me is that a worker at a prominent coffee factory had spiked coffee with a serum to make people extra empathetic. A list of local cafès who sell this coffee have been listed and drum rolls… the cafe close to your apartment was listed too"

"The cafe close to my apartment?" I asked, swallowing part of the coffee I had already started gulping. "Like the Love and Latte Lounge?"

"Yes girl" Anita responded.

"Shoot! Little wonder why people there were acting weird. Would you believe that Scot smiled today?"

"For real?"

"Yes. Anyways, brace up for a day filled with empathy as I have already chugged down half of the content of this cup of coffee which I bought from the cafe" I responded, feeling usually very relaxed.

"A day with an empathetic Annabelle? Sounds like Christmas in July. I can't wait to experience that. Hurry up though, the boss is here and he's furious.

8: 40 am.

"Urgh" I exclaimed. I guess I had to face my fears like every other work day.

Love, Wongi 🤍

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