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Microsoft's new Recall AI will take screenshots of everything you doEven Microsoft isnt even trying any longer to hide the fact: that Windows is spyware.Marketing the spyware as its greatest feature now.This will be preaching to the choir for some readers. Most do not need another reason not to use Windows.Microsoft's new Recall AI will take screenshots of everything you do. Spyware openly advertised as a "service". Microsoft's pushing AI into everything.No, I'm not clickbaity. As Microsoft actually said:"Recall uses Copilot+ PC advanced processing capabilities and not only just on their new ARM PCs, they said it will roll out to x86 platforms too via a Windows update.Basically, just some fancy-pants AI search going over everything you've done the last 3 months.Microsoft do say the storage is local to your device, and is "protected using data encryption on your device" and even using BitLocker if you're on Windows 11 Pro or an enterprise Windows 11 SKU. Microsoft also claim it doesn't share it anywhere else, at all, no advertisers or Microsoft themselves.But, how far do we trust data being fed into a black-box AI that no one can really see what it's doing huh?That's the "cool" about AI, the engineers themselves know shit about it - And here's the thing:straight from their own FAQ (scroll down) it notes how"Recall does not perform content moderation" and it will "not hide information such as passwords or financial account numbers"Oh wow, sound great for privacy, doesnt it ?But don't worry it"does not take snapshots of certain kinds of content, including InPrivate web browsing sessions in Microsoft Edge" and "material protected with digital rights management (DRM)"is also protected. We can't have Netflix or Disney getting annoyed with it taking a shot of that movie you watched, nope. ;)*What happens if someone else gets access to your device? Lost, stolen, sold (and you forgot to wipe) and so on. If you get hacked,