IAAC: Actifit Report: December 24 2023 A story about my love on Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve was so eventful down here. Aside from having to prepare sumptuous dishes to consume on Christmas day. There was the nativity drama that ushered the unveiling of this manger.

The adorned manger symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. My favorite person, one I emulate the best I can, through selflessness and love.

I won't deny that sometimes it's a struggle because how can you love those who hurt you or those who wish you bad? How can you love a criminal or one termed bad? I can show you one who did. That on the cross he pled the forgiveness of those who hurt him.

I can try to do good and like Christmas portrays (so be good for goodness sake). I love Him because he loved me first and taught me what love should look like.

  The Nativity play

I sewed a bit, cooked, rested a bit, and stepped out for the vigil mass as I had a reading. I could not post this as I returned home at 11:45 pm.

I am alive and grateful. Hope you are too.   Today's post is part of my daily participation in the #Iamalivechallenge    Join us on    https://www.wearealiveand.social    And celebrate being #alive   

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always! We are not promised tomorrow


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