What I learned from a stranger


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What I learned from a stranger


Last 3 years, I learned something surprising from a stranger I met on the subway.

I was heading home after a long day at work. The transport bus I entered was packed and I was tired. All I wanted was to get home and rest.

Just before my stop, a man sat down next to me. He looked to be in his sixties with gray hair and glasses. He had a friendly face. I noticed he was holding something in his hands.

It was one of those little origami paper birds. His hands worked quickly, folding the colored paper into different shapes. I watched curiously as the small paper bird began taking form.

The man saw me watching him and smiled. "Would you like me to show you how to make one?" he asked kindly. I said sure, not expecting much to come from it.

He handed me a colorful square sheet and began walking me through the steps—fold here, crease here, bring this corner to that side. His instructions were simple and clear.i really got carried away doing it .

I followed along as closely as I could. My bird looked messy next to his neat one, but I was surprised I could make it at all. We folded paper birds together until my stop.

When I stood up to leave, the man gave me a small packet of origami paper. "Make something beautiful with these," he said with a smile. I thanked him and said goodbye, not thinking much else of our interaction.

Over the next few days at home, I found myself drawn back to that paper. I used YouTube tutorials to learn how to make new origami shapes.

As I practiced, I felt focused and calm in a way I hadn't in a long time. The simple act of folding paper was meditative. My mind could fully be present in the moment.

Origami became an escape from everyday stresses. It helped me clear my head after busy days. My little paper creations started decorating shelves around my apartment.

I was shocked that a small gift from a stranger could have such a big impact. Origami taught me to appreciate the beauty in ordinary things. It also reminded me to be more open to moments of connection.

You never know what you might learn from an unlikely conversation—even just folding paper birds on a crowded subway. I'm so grateful that man took the time to share this craft with me.

I still have the pack of origami paper he gave me. Now I give little birds as gifts to others, hoping to pass on the simple joy I discovered. We all have something beautiful to share with the world, if given the chance and it is an amazing thing I have learned , seriously since that time I am always open to new things to learn.

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