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Image Vladimir Film Festival (VFF) is an independent skateboarding festival established in 2011, in Fažana, Croatia, by the skateboard club August Šenoa. It is a unique event in Europe. Its main focus lies on underground skate video production and independent projects, driven by the DIY philosophy that makes it a unique event not only in Europe but also on the world skate scene. Every year VFF brings new skate documentaries, skate videos, photo materials, art, and literature by various authors involved in the skate culture, from across the globe. Various skate videos and even some skate movies had their first world premiere at Vladimir Film Festival in Fažana.

Although a place with less than 4.000 inhabitants, Fažana is also the center of the DIY scene on the Istrian peninsula. It had two concrete DIY spots and one skate park, all in a circle of 500 meters, not to mention the nearness of the sea and the beautiful sunsets. Since the DIY spots were located in two abandoned factories, they were torn down by the local authorities. The skatepark was also removed, with the promise of a better and bigger one, but it's still all in the words. In VFF's early years, the importance of the historical moment for underground skateboarding wasn't recognized, but things changed after the festival put Fažana on the world skate map and we even started a new DIY skate park/installation on a more secure place, in 2019. Every year we try to build some new parts. As our non-profit organization and activities rely only on our love for the most fun thing and on institutional funding, each year is a new challenge and support is not constant. Since day one we have been doing it with no corporate sponsors and, on our path to become even more independent, this is our next step towards decentralization.

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