The Xmas Celebration | The Food Shenanigans


Finally the Christmas palava is over, phew it was really a stressful day, i might just use the word hectic, not something I actually expect, my own ideal Christmas should be a work free day for me, the only thing I wish to do is just to wake up, eat xmas food, press phone, eat again and call it a day. I don't always have plans to even go out or start Christmas house to house visitation like how my brothers use to do back in the days, I think nothing really interest me and now everyone is somehow tired of me.

I actually slept late yesterday while watching some movies and also surfing twitter if I would see something of interest, I was really deep into the movies that I forget there are things to do the following morning, my mum already told us she will be preparing everything early because she need to meet up with her church services and I was hoping I won't be part of the whole preparation as per daddy of the house, she woke my stubborn brothers up around 6am in the morning but they didn't answer her on time and she had to wake me up so I can talk some sense into their brain, I couldn't sleep back after that so I just join in the preparation till 8am in the morning, brushed and offload some pounded yam with egusi (vegetable soup) and I was full immediately and started acting funny. There is this believe that someone will sleep after eating pounded yam but it didn't work since i had to drive mum to church and also attend my own church for the Christmas service. Service was really amazing and as one of the instrumentalist (Trumpet major) we had to switch the service a little bit and after the service we started our own extra dance dance show.

The Food Shenanigans part came up after we reach home, I have this brother who at times I do wonder if he really care about the rest of us, all he know how to do is eat and eat and at times it always feel like everything should be for him alone, this do make have this " I should beat him up one day" feeling 😂, I'm just the calm own and that even make me the black sheep because the rest are stubborn, he came all of a sudden after spending the day in his friend house ( a way to missed the morning preparation), told mum he isn't eating at home because he need to go out with his friends, took takeaways and dash out with foods he put inside a polythene, I didn't even know until my mom announced that someone took most of the food and he was no where to be found. I was somehow pained because I know how to eat too, after all the stressed he came home to take most of the food away😂, called him and he was like " Am I really calling him because of food" we should cook another one.

We had to cook another one just to add to the remaining one because we were expecting visitors, he almost spoil the day somehow but I think he realise he did something wrong so he came back to appease the gods with some hollandia yoghort and malt drinks. Well the gods aren't angry anymore.

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