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· 24. Sep 2023

The hose of my bathtub started showing sign of blockage by letting out only a smalg,l amount of water. This morning it became worse by letting out only a trickle of water.I couldn't stand it any more so, I went to call a young plumber technician who came and loosed it completely for the purpose of rectifying it. He came along with a lubricant, a glue container and a few hand tools.At a time, he took leave to go and pick a particular spanner size from his shop which was just the next two blocks.When he stayed up to 30 minutes without coming back, I decided to go to his shop to know what was keeping him back. Ordinarily, going to, and coming back from his shop shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.On reaching his shop, I saw him clued to a small TV, watching a football match.In anger, I shouted, "What do you think you're doing there?""Oh! I'm sorry", he replied appearing shocked seeing me."Everything in my bathroom is in disarray, and you're here watching a football match", I spoke again in annoyance."My team is down by a lone goal, and I want to see how we're going to level up", he said looking around to pick the spanner.Obviously, the young man was a football fanatic, addicted to his team. He was so carried away by the turnout of the match that he could afford to leave an important work at hand to know the details."If you don't leave that TV and go to finish the work, I'll get mad at you", I said, frowning my face the more.With that, he stood up and followed me back to the house where he fixed the fault.