Standing Up to Fears, One Baby Step at a Time


Fear certainly acts as an enemy to our greatest hopes and ambitions. When dreams and passions arise from our vibrant inner world, fear is often quick to throw freezing water on them. It whispers cynical, defeating messages ,"who do you think you are to pursue that?" "you'll never succeed, don't even try." Fear of the unknown, fear of failure often holds us rigidly in place rather than giving wings to our dreams.

The tragic cost is never realizing our highest potential or experiencing the fruits of true self expression. Fear deters chasing career goals, developing talents, speaking important truths, seizing special opportunities. We bow to fear’s warnings and “play it safe” rather than reaching with open courage toward what truly fulfills us. Over time, the corrosive acid of fear and self-doubt erodes the foundations of our deepest dreams. Before we know it, our wings have atrophied and our song has faded to a whisper swallowed up by regret. How sad that fear can so easily destroy creativity, purpose, joy, so much beauty waiting to manifest through unhindered dreams.

The hopeful news is we need not be a victim to fear’s crushing grip indefinitely. With self compassion, patience and progressively facing small daily risks, we can dismantle fear bit by bit. In time we relearn to soar on the winds of long dormant dreams. Renewed, courage comes not from an absence of fear - but rather spreading our wings even as we tremble. What wondrous horizons await those bold enough to try.

"What would you do if you weren't afraid?" That question has been turning over and over in my mind lately. Fear acts as a formidable gatekeeper in my life, preventing me from pursuing dreams, speaking difficult truths, and being fully, courageously myself. But what if I became bolder and pushed past those fears? What would I dare to do then?

I pondered this recently when I saw the topic from this hive ghana community, and I thought of three particular wishes that were on my mind:

  1. I would speak my mind more freely, without overthinking how my words might land or whether I have a “right” to contribute. I would get past that nagging inner critic and share my perspectives openly, even when talking to elders and superiors.

  2. I would venture into the makeup business, even though part of me worries I don't have what it takes or that it's too risky. I've always loved makeup and had a knack for applying it. If not for my doubts, I would devote myself wholeheartedly to gaining the skills and building the clientele to turn my passion into a thriving enterprise.

  3. I would apply for that dream job on the other side of the country. My desire for new scenery and challenges calls to me, but my security-loving side resists taking the leap. Shedding my fears, I would throw my hat into the ring and see if this dream opportunity might choose me.

These wishes reveal so much about my caged heart , the part of me that craves color outside the lines. And though realizing them in full remains difficult today, I'm taking baby steps... By facing small fears, perhaps I'll build the courage to confront even my grandest ones. That timid but determined voice inside says, “Just watch me.” And I think I will.

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