Betray Me


"How did we get here? A question that echoed in the air as Charles downed his third bottle of beer. He naturally was not much of a drinker but in the light of the recent happenings, he decided to indulge himself, to douse his disappointment perhaps.

"How can you betray me like this" he remembered asking James earlier today. They had been friends for so many years, a friendship that developed when James, homeless and jobless came to live with him. He had helped him get a well paying job and afterwards, a fairly okay accomodation. They had nurtured this relationship through thick and thin and built it on the solid rock of trust and loyalty or so he thought. His discovery of the love affair between his fiancee, Doris and his own friend, James, was more than he could bear. He was grappling with the aftermath of betrayal from both ends. James sleeping with the lady Charles had finalized to marry. He thought of the fragility of the bonds he thought unbreakable and how the whole sordid affair had gone to prove that trust could indeed be a very scarce commodity.

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