Going back hometown after been away .


Yeah, im going back to hometown after been away since last year. It look its has been long time i didnt back but it was actually just a few month i was away from my lovely country. But , even it was just a few months ( i think it was just 2 months ago) but i really miss to going back home. You can say it was homesick because the vibes between two places was totally different.

This view and feeling just to be here never fail to make me smile. All the childhood memory coming back in my mind and of course the sweet memory of my late grandparent just feel like yesterdays.

I believe everyone has their place where you call home. Where ever you go , what ever happen to you , thats place will always welcome you . If you feel tired on your job or things that you do , or you might feel hurt because things not comes like what you expect , that place was the perfect place to heal everything you got and same times resting your mind.

Remember , the duck project in mu previous post ? They still quacking happily . Not all was survive especially at dry season but im still happy to hear their voice running around the cages .

It was early stages of dry season in our places. But this place still looking green and of course the air was very fresh as usual.

I hope this place will never change and its keep like that so everytimes i coming back i still can feel the same vibes.

I hope you can think place that you feel like i do and share it to everyone . :). Thanks for stop by , i hope you enjoy today journey .

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