Merry Christmas to you all i gladly bring to the table the fashion trend that as helped me to this present moment. i was in jss2 when I started learning fashion design actually I never imagined how it will work out all I had in mind was that I just want to learn fashion design. I started learning and going to school at the same time I graduated when I was also graduating from school.


I started sowing now is over 4 years of been my own self boss I begin to collect collect cloth and I started sowing with the little knowledge I have after I finished work then I begin to improve on my sowing skills in other to gain more customer. from there I begin to sow for prestige people and I have more customers than I started I listen to corrections to avoid misunderstanding between I and my customers i gave them what they want and I receive what I want..


I upgraded my shop standard to meet up to a higher standard in tailoring line I got industrial machines and manual machines for my apprentice I now implore my brain into them so they can also produce more than what I taught them.i taught them to love customers no matter what they are to treat customers right in other for them to refer us more to people and gain their hearts to us. fashion is just about trust. when they have trust in us they won't leave no matter the mistakes we might do. no one is perfect we are just trying to be perfect.

I collected a lot of work this Christmas period and I had to meet up so I won't disappoint my customers but with the help of my apprentice I was able to finish it before today Christmas and I packed it for delivery so most of my customers are really happy because they all collected their cloth for Christmas. by next year I will upgrade my shop more to gain more customers to make more income . I decided to make more progress on the renovation of my work to attract more customers and make work suited for my apprentice and explore them more on business line and how it work -IMG-20231224-WA0106.jpg


Fashion is Not just about sowing morals are part of being a fashion designer level of reasoning is also part of being a fashion designer must learn to accept mistakes for him to progress in his filed

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