WOOGame future updates part 3: NFT Renting.


Another Merry Christmas to you all. I'm back to continue sharing updates about the future of WOOGame. For those who have already experienced the gameplay, I know you're loving it now. The exciting thing is, there is more to come to make it even more amazing and seamless.

Currently, the only way to play the game is by purchasing an NFT. I mentioned Ghost cards earlier today as an update the developers are working on, but it's not in the game yet. I understand some people would like to try it out before fully committing, so it's crucial, and it will be added to the game soon.

There are super cheap NFTs starting at around $0.15 on the P2P market of the WOOGame at the moment, so it won't be a big deal to try it out. You can also join the WOO Discord page, as I did, and if you are genuinely interested in the game, someone could just send you some to get you started.

Yeah, when I joined, I even received a WOO land NFT, which costs $20, for free from Bookerman and bladewing for showing interest in the game and learning about it.

Sorry for going off-topic; not everyone would want or can purchase some of the NFTs, especially the legendary ones that can cost somewhere over $50. Yeah, some even go for $100 bucks. Those are some awesome NFT Wrestlers I plan on owning. You'd be a formidable force in the game with those cards.

As discussed by @bookerman in our most recent AMA on the WOO Discord, soon, players will be able to rent out and borrow other players' NFT Wrestlers for matches for a small fee, depending on the type of card you rented. $WOO tokens will still be the mode of transactions as it's the native token of Wrestling Organization Online.

Now, this will create another form of passive income for players who own many NFTs when rewards go live and people are interested in earning.

My strategy will be to rent the maxed-level cards for a while, use them to win matches, and earn enough $WOO tokens to buy my own. I haven't done the math, but I think that could be feasible.

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁


Introducing traditional wrestling to the world of blockchain! Wrestling Organization Online(WOO) is a game on the Hive Blockchain centered around wrestling strategy. Its goal is to help retired wrestlers in the real world by providing financial support through the sales of their NFT's with 100% of market fees going to them. WOO also gives players an exciting, rewarding and competitive gaming experience.

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