Designing a Holozing character background and sharing my Zing growth


rem guy.jpg Source : Holozing Character (from and my fertile imagination

I hav2 3.11k Zing token staked and 1K HP delegated to the holozing account. I make it a point to claim my rewards every day.

I am also a keen participant of the December advent bonus event and am claiming my rewards daily.

reward-dashboard.jpg source :

The free December Zing tokens feel extra special

The good part is that even if you are a small stake holder you can still claim your daily December bonus. The Daily bonus us 1 Zing tokens that can be claimed once every day.

Even though you may be claiming the rewards every day but it is for the first time that you get your 1 Zing December Daily bonus.



If you look at my dashboard snapshot then you would see I have been claiming my daily bonus everyday. After all who would like to refuse a free zing token bonus.

Let us make a background of a Holozing character.

There is currently a contesting going on to design the background of the holozing character.

I find all the characters are very interesting and today I am going to create a background for the Racoon character that is quite interesting to look at.

I want to have a background for the racoon that has grass and a bit of hilly terrain. For reference I would like to add a few clouds.

Let me make the Cloud first for reference


Once done I would like to add the contour to draw a part of the hilly terrain


I know it does not look much at this stage but it is all about having the image that is in my mind and trying to create it on a visual medium.


I am playing around with various shapes as in between I am making sure that I claim my Zing rewards.


If I do not like something I can remove it later. So far I am more or less satisfied with the progress

4.jpg Next

I am adding some detailing to give it a feel of the grass. Later on I would do the coloring.


A line here a line there adds to the details. It takes time but us quite satisfying.


Let me add some additional contours to give it a hilly terrain.


This is how things are shaping up



I am keen to see how it would look once I add the colours.

After a few hit and trials this is what I have achieved.


Let me call in Mr. Racoon to see if it feels at home in this terrain.


I can think of a couple of modifications and additions to this image but I would leave it more like this below one


I got into this because I like moving things and animation is more my kind of thing let me see If I can animate the building process of my sketch next time.

However before that let me see if I can do a quick claim of my Zing tokens because that is the fastest way to grow your Zing token Stack.

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