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How far back do you have to go?In the show Red Dwarf there is a funny quip "To measure how pathetic a person is ask how far back they have to go for a story about when they triumphed". That statement is followed up by a side character sharing a story "It was a glorious day, we were all there swimming, there were millions of us in the race, but I was the first one to get to that egg". Which of course means he had never really won anything other than the fact as a sperm he 'won a race'.I mention that story because it highlights that a lot of a person's worth is found in the recognition they get whether bad or good. Of course telling the story of "being the fastest sperm" is ridiculous. However, many people do have stories they like to retell about past achievements. Here is one of mine.I don't have to go back that far but the medal you see above is a Bronze Governor General award for academic achievement that I received almost 40 years ago. Yes, I have other achievements after that. I had scholarships, school awards, awards in University and a few other achievement awards since. However, this one stands out because it was an official government award and even to this day my name comes up on the official government website.As a side note for @amberkashif there is the proof I won the award--and this article took longer than usual at 48minutes to write 馃ぃNow many people who are poor think that if they had money their life would be better. In my story I am quite certain that if I wasn't born into tough circumstances I never would have achieved what I have. You see, when I was young my mom had to work. That meant that after school my mom was working and I had nowhere to go. I couldn't go home because I had no key. I rarely went to friends houses because...well....not many people want to hang out with the poor kid. So, I would help out filing books in the school library and after that I would either wander the streets or when I was tired or bad weather I'd head to the library and read books. By having nothing I was forced to read. By having nowhere to

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Ever hear something that you just have to talk about?Well, for me that was yesterday. It was over a simple word FatherBut first a little context.I was reading to do a little research for a #hivelearners post prompt about banning alcohol and got to thinking about the Islamic faith and how alcohol is "haram" (banned). I did some more reading and found out that Muslim has the meaning "One who submits". I also learned that when they reference Mohammad they use the term PBUH which means "Peace Be Upon Him". A little more reading and I found out that while Islam teaches that Noah and Jesus were both prophets their stores about them are very different than what I've read. A little more reading that I found out that Jewish and Christians are referred to as "People of the Book". Then when I went to work yesterday I heard that the Lutheran Church changed the wording of "The Lords Prayer". I read the new translation and got far angrier than I have been in a very long time.Which is why I'm writing in MCGI CaresI don't normally post in this community but when I read your reason for being I found this :I'd also like to tag my friend @monica-ene and @emreal who I believe are Christian. I'd like to tag @dlmmqb and @amberkashif who share a different religion and ask for comments from this fine community to see if my anger is justifiedBut first a little story about me.I am the oldest son and have one sister and one half-sister. We all share the same father and we all have different stories about him. My sister and I had our father leave us when we were young and only saw him a few times a year (if we were lucky). My half-sister lived with him full time while growing up. If you were to ask us to write about our father and each of us was to give an accurate account we would write three very different articles.Each true. Each painting a different picture of the same man.I mention that because there is an analogy to be drawn between the Torah, the Bible and the Quran. Three different telling about the same one God. When I was thinking ab

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Dreams aren't freeMy wife once gave me a poster for the wall which reads "Dream Big Dreams" because she knows I'm a dreamer at heart. I often think of what could be, what I would like to achieve and of course what I would do to get there.However the path to obtaining any worthwhile goal almost inevitably requires hard work, dedication, and often more than a little luck.In my life I see people with broken dreams every day and much of the time it comes from poor choices and often those poor choices involve substance abuse.I see it every day as I walk my dog.Every morning and every evening I walk my dog. Every walk I see the homeless people sleeping on park benches. I see them loitering around the mall. I see them in tents or with shopping carts and sometimes doing drugs in hidden places. The drug of choice varies and perhaps its meth, perhaps its opioids, perhaps its alcohol but the results are the same: shattered lives and broken dreams often with a mind that is damaged beyond full repair.I see it every day that I go to workI also work as a Pharmacist. I see the so much wasted potential from substance abuse all the time. I see children living with fetal alcohol syndrome because of parents who drank alcohol. I see psychosis being treated from cannabis, meth, and a variety of mind altering drugs. I see diabetes from people who refuse to give up doughnuts and sugar. I see lung and other cancers, emphysema and COPD from those who refuse to give up cigarettes. I see people hopelessly addicted to anxiety medications and opioids. Of course that isn't everyone but its so common that sometimes I feel like a common drug dealer and I've heard many in my profession say the same thingI've seen it in my family.My grandmother was a smoker, addicted to cigarettesLung cancer took her when I was only 5 years old. I remember nothing about her other than she smelled like smokeMy grandfather was deeply grieved by her loss...and took up drinking to cope. Eventually he became an alcoholic which cost him dearly in many ways. In the end he remarried (to the woman I far more see as my grandmother) and gave up the alco

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