Value And Entertainment


Nowadays, entertainment is cheap or even free. And value has taken on more shapes and forms.

Just like value, entertainment is universally recognised. When we see something that's valuable or entertaining, we know it is valuable or entertaining.

But because of distinct personal preferences, one might see something valuable or entertaining while another might not see that same thing valuable or entertaining.

It is possible to have only one of the two when conveying something to an individual or a group of individuals. But is preferable to strive and have both, that way, things will be more impactful and lasting.

For entertainment without value lacks depth and value without entertainment is a bit dry and rigid.

One Can't Go Without The Other

Well, this is half true because at face value one can go without the order.

It's when we crawl beneath the surface that we realise although one can go without the other, it is much more better when both go together.

Value without entertainment

Traditional school is valuable enough, but it is hardly entertaining.

Yes, it served its purpose of making us generally educated individuals able to navigate through the system but did we really enjoyed going to school?

For me, the answer is a flat no. I didn't always look forward to going to school because it was often boring.

Besides, many of the things we learnt at school didn't have much application in the real world. Yet, without going to school, the alternative could've been bleak for many of us.

Entertainment without value

It's debated whether there is any value in commercialized sports, especially from a consumers perspective. I see it as pure entertainment.

Each new season is like the previous ones but with some modifications here and there. Competing for the same old trophies. And the cycle continues.

If it wasn't for emerging technologies, I see no other way of infusing one with the other in the above examples but that's another topic for another day.

All In Value Person

From an individual perspective, one is usually inclined to one of the two.

And for me, it was value.

Perhaps, it is the reason why school was often boring to me because I took things too seriously.

I saw my purpose as bringing as much value as possible in almost everything I did.

This wasn't generally bad per se. But it just lacked dimension and it was seen on the results I got, be in monetary or not.

The rewards were good, but they weren't astounding.

One can find or create all the value there is to create but the rewards will still looked capped, like hitting an invisible ceiling.

The Intersection Of Value And Entertainment

It's clear that a possible alternative option is to combine both to break this invisible ceiling and bring dimensionality.

In my opinion, value is the difficult part. Because it is hard to create and it can't be faked easily.

For the value inclined, like myself, bringing entertainment isn't that hard.

It basically requires having a fundamental understanding of human psychology.

What really moves people?

Beware though, because it is usually short lived! So always have that value ready to back it up.

For the entertainment inclined, bringing value can be a bit of a hard work.

Convincing the rationality of the left brain is no easy task.

But I've found being serious (not too serious!) and having a good understanding of what you do always gets the job done.

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