swarm-of-minnows grants a value-added service without cost


tl;dr: You authorize swarm-of-minnows to to trigger votes on your behalf for other members when your account hasnt been voting, you dont need to operate it, it doesnt interfere with your use.

Find out the steps to join here: https://som.lan.247420.xyz

What does it do??

on this network, your voting power can not go over 100%. the system waits till you have nearly 100%, it then prevents that scenario by voting other members.

who receives votes

the person with an available post whos voted the most and received the least gets the next vote, all you need to do is keep posting and youll get your votes based on your queue position. it will slow down when youre overpaid and speed up otherwise, you will get all your outstanding votes as fast as possible so if you dont post for a while, you can post more often to catch up.

letting it vote and posting is how you optimize your accounts growth

How do I join?

the auth mechanisms are safe, open source, extremely simple and easy to verify and you are free to leave at any time, if you ever need help our community is very active

you can also sign the authentication yourself if your tools allows you to do it, the account is @minnowschool the system will pick you up automatically

Explore the process of joining here: https://som.lan.247420.xyz

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