Winner for giveaway #13 - Terracore 50 Scrap- (Ends 01 January 2024)


Welcome to my Terracore Giveaway.

The giveaway will be 50 Scrap and there will be 1 winner, to participate in the giveaway you will only need to leave a comment on this post and that's it, you will be automatically participating in it.


As I have already mentioned that I have been playing this game for more than 151 days now, I have gathered basics and to some extent, the advanced of the game. This game is really fun to play and addictive too, but; the good thing although being addictive is that the game does not requires much of your time. Hardly 30 minutes a day is enough to progress in the game smoothly. As it is a idle mining game, the game works even in your absence. The thing you need to make sure is to claim your mined $SCRAP token if possible every 4 hours.

Today Giveaway :

Scrap for Giveaway : 1 * 50

Rules of Giveaway participation :

  1. Add a comment to this post if you want to participate.

  2. Please follow me so that you don't miss the next giveaway but not required.

  3. Please remember to mention your Terracore game user id in comment if it is different then Hive user id used for the commenting.

  4. The giveaway is active until the next publication

Timeline for the give away is 9 pm IST or 3.30 pm (Monday)

Terracore is a Blockchain Hive game and it is not Free, you will need to pay a $10 Hive fee to become a citizen and start playing.

Previous Giveaway Winner.


SCRAP Transfer Details;-


If you want to play the game, join by the link given below :-!

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