Terracore - My Progress towards Game (25 December 2023)


It's me again with another terracore blog for everyone. In this blog i will share my a interesting that I saw in terracore today along with my stats from game.

I have been playing this game from last 152 days.

As a starter I bought $10 worth of Citizenship for approx 29 HIVE.


That being said, I have been adding to my stash and favor using SCRAP tokens. The game keeps heating up, and I am going to have to start working to keep myself from getting raided every night.

My New target is to have :-

Stash Size as 5000 Damage to be 200 Defense to be 300 Favour to be 500

My Traget is do collect scrap and do Stash Size 11.438% for that I need to have almost 2770 scrap.


So Dodge and Luck moved up in numbers from 10.355% while Critical Hit became 7.441%.

Activity Details:-

Today I got robbed by attackers and I lost almost 50 Scraps.

So, for my activity I done attacks on the interface where we now can see how much I got on my attacks and for win percentage I got these numbers My attack Percentage is not so well. But still I am getting robbed a lot by other attackers. Still I am trying to learn about the game.

I am very upset for losing that much scraps but i am trying to fix my problem i.e not to be get robbed. But it is becoming a bit difficult for me to get out of this.

I am the Terracore Commando, and I came to win !

As I come to trying to improve my Winrate, this week I was thinking about collecting more scraps to raise some statistics, luckily they don't usually attack me a lot, but they do steal a lot. Since I started the game I have been reinvesting but I still have a long way to go in the game, although I know they will never stop attacking you, I urgently need to improve my defenses, the next withdrawals will be focused on improving my defense

As I am increasing my Stash Size, I get getting less robbed by the attackers. So my target is to increase my Stash Size 2230.

I have decided to increase the stash size regularly for that I started collecting SCRAP. Till now I had 469 SCRAP.

I have not upgraded the Damage for last few days so it is finally time to put a break on that part for now and focus on some other stats as well.

So I look at my TerraCoreHub game progression so far;-

The SCRAP I received from Battle Fight

Battle Fight is allowed to fight 6 times per day. In the last 5 Battle Fight of TerraCore, I have won almost 50 SCRAP

In TerraCore there are 5 main skills, that can all be improved using Scrap:

So now my TerraCore Game Stats are Stash Size 2230, Favor 501, Engineering 12, Damage 230, Defense 270.

My mining rate is 3.50, still I am not trying to increase it.

I still dont have enough scraps to upgrade my defense but I will do that for atleast a day or a two as i need to see if these small changes are useful or not.

Later I will upgrade my defense and do share about that in my blog in future so keep an eye on my blog if you really like reading these blogs

A little about the game:

Terracore is a idle mining game based on blockchain technology. It is the game with which I have stepped into the entertainment of crypto gaming. I have gathered basics to some extent, to advanced of the game. Hardly 1 hour a day is enough to progress in the game smoothly. As it is a idle mining game, the game works even in your absence. The thing you need to make sure is to claim your mined $SCRAP token if possible every 3 to 4 hours.

But, I will have to improve Damage and Defense .After that, I will have to buy Avatar, Ship, Weapon and Armor etc. to play TerraCore Game fully.

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