[Straw Plays] Ready or Not - Weekend Gaming (Going Full Pro)


ALAN WAKE II (4).png

Today for the weekend gaming we continue with some more Ready or Not gameplay. After all the mishaps the last few times, I've made a decision. From now on I will always play this game like a real pro and take it as easy as possible. Rushing has always been very natural for me in FPS games but it just doesn't work in this one so some things had to change.

ALAN WAKE II (2).png

I decided to redo the one mission from previous episodes that I couldn't fully complete. After that, we continued with Ides of March. I still wasn't able to finish that one although I got really close. Everything went perfectly on that run and it sucks that I ended up failing in the end. You'll see in the video why that one kinda hurt.

ALAN WAKE II (5).png

I decided to disable all the mods for the time being since they kinda mess up your points while having them enabled. We'll probably try some more of them out after I finish all the maps in the original game.


Tomorrow I have a new game waiting and that will be the main game for the time being. It's a little bit older but it's something I really want to try so that will be it. If it doesn't work out then we'll switch at some point. See you tomorrow!


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